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How to add photos to iPhone Simulator | App Code for Sale | Preview

How to add photos to iPhone Simulator | iOS Tutorial

Two ways to add photos to the Simulator

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It is a fact that during an app development a great ammount of testing time takes place on the iPhone Simulator (or the iPad simulator). The difficulties begin when the app has to deal with photos, and photos do not exist in the Simulator. What can we do then?

Thankfully the solution is pretty easy and there are two ways to add photos to the Simulator. Here they are:

  1. If you want to add a photo that exists on your computer, just drag and drop it to the Simulator. The Safari will open, showing your selected photo.
  2. If you want to get an image from the web, open the Safari in the Simulator and navigate to a webpage that contains a photo you would like to download.

In both ways, when you see the photo you desire on the Safari, click on it and hold the mouse button down for a while. An action sheet appears, where you click on the Save button and you are done! The photo is living in your Simulator now too!

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