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[TUT] Easier / Quicker Generic Collection Creation | App Code for Sale | Preview

[TUT] Easier / Quicker Generic Collection Creation | Android Tutorial

Quick and easy way to create a collection of objects

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Sick of repeating your generics declaration?Sick of repeating your generics declaration?

1   List<SomeObject> listOfSomething = new ArrayList<SomeObject>();
2   Map<SomeKey, SomeObject> mapOfSomething = new HashMap<SomeKey, SomeObject>();

For a quick and easy way to create a collection of objects you can do the below.

Create yourself a util class:

1   package com.blundell.util;
3   import java.util.ArrayList;
4   import java.util.HashMap;
6   public class Collections {
8       public static <E> ArrayList<E> newArrayList() {
9           return new ArrayList<E>();
10      }
12      public static <K, V> HashMap<K, V> newHashMap() {
13          return new HashMap<K, V>();
14      }
16  }

Then each time you only need to declare your generics once.

1   List<SomeObject> listOfSomething = Collections.newArrayList();
2   Map<SomeKey, SomeObject> mapOfSomething = Collections.newHashMap();

This is due to Type Inference. Inspired by Joshua Bloch’s – Effective Java (second edition)


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