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ADT Bundle – Just a single step to setup android development environment | App Code for Sale | Preview

ADT Bundle – Just a single step to setup android development environment | Android Tutorial

How to setup android development environment with a single step

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I got many queries from college students and engineers regarding installation and setup of Android development environment, so for them here is good news.

Before this post i was used to send them below steps for the installation and setup of Android development environment:

  1. Download Eclipse
  2. Download JDK and install it, set the environment path
  3. Download ADT plugin inside Eclipse
  4. set the Preference with Android-SDK path
  5. Download the latest platform-tools and everything

But now i would suggest to download ADT Bundle to new Android developer.


The ADT Bundle provides everything you need to start developing apps, including a version of the Eclipse IDE with built-in ADT (Android Developer Tools) to streamline your Android app development. so now we can say its single step download to setup Android development environment.

In short, with a single download, the ADT Bundle includes everything you need to begin developing apps:

  1. Eclipse + ADT plugin
  2. Android SDK Tools
  3. Android Platform-tools
  4. The latest Android platform
  5. The latest Android system image for the emulator

Yes there are also possible ways if you want to use existing version of Eclipse or any other IDE.

Here you go for download: ADT Bundle.


Setting Up the ADT Bundle: PAGE TOP

As you have downloaded ADT bundle, follow below steps to setup it:

  1. Unpack the ZIP file (named adt-bundle-.zip) and save it to an appropriate location, such as a “Development” directory in your home directory.
  2. Open the adt-bundle-/eclipse/ directory and launch eclipse.

That’s it! The IDE is already loaded with the Android Developer Tools plugin and the SDK is ready to go.

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