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Enables mobile developers to build, deploy, and scale their mobile applications. 


Build, Deploy, and Grow. The Technology Stack For Mobile Applications.

StackMob cuts backend development time from months to minutes, letting developers focus on creating powerful apps with quality user experiences.
API Creation
StackMob instantly creates your API to start storing and retrieving data from our servers. More than a simple datastore, you get advanced querying ability with range queries, pagination and geospatial queries. Combined with builtin user management — login, logout, reset password, Facebook and Twitter — you get powerful technology with all the flexibility you need.
Custom Code 
As the mobile world continues to evolve, smartphones get better CPUs and carriers get faster, allowing for more data driven applications that are more complex and more interactive. Simply storing data in the cloud isn't enough, you need advanced business logic that can run on a server. With StackMob, you can easily add your custom business logic to extend your API and make your app even more powerful.
Push Notifications 
Standing out in a pool of hundreds of thousands of apps is a daunting task. How do you interact with your users and keep engagement up in your application? By using StackMob's advanced analytics you can identify your power users and then keep them engaged with push notifications. Our push console allows you to send custom messages to users or use our custom code to trigger automated push notifications.
Development and Production 
In order to effectively develop your mobile application, you need a safe area to make changes while your production environment stays stable. StackMob provides a free development environment with every account. Once you're ready to deploy to production, click a few buttons and your production API is automatically versioned and updated in seconds. Need to keep your API backwards compatible? No problem, you can run multiple versions of your API concurrently with StackMob!
Social Integration 
Leveraging social networks is important for any application. Have users log into your app and more with StackMob's server-side Facebook and Twitter integration. StackMob integrates with those SDKs behind the REST API so that you don't need to spend valuable time trying to maintain ever-changing social APIs on the client-side.
In today's world app analytics isn't enough. You need better insight into your API usage, who your users are and when they use your app. With StackMob you get deep insight into your application and who your power users are, then leverage our messaging platform to engage those users.

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