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The most advanced iOS mockups editor ever!


App Cooker supports you through the 5 key aspects of planning any mobile application: the idea, the mockups, the app icon, the communication and the business model. Each of these areas has its own dedicated section on the “App Board”, the focused workplace where each project can be defined quickly then refined gradually. Whether you are a seasoned developer or yet to make an app, App Cooker’s powerful processes and intuitive user interface will allow you to get productive immediately, forming the backbone of any application development project.

Prototype right on your iPad, connecting wireframes to form a fully fledged mock up.
Import and edit graphics then use the interface designer to combine these with all the regular iPad & iPhone user interface elements.
Manage your store information then localize this into any of 18 supported languages.
Estimate the cost effectiveness of your app by testing a range of scenarios to find the perfect pricing strategy.
Automatically receive advice on your project based on your app’s area of focus.
Export editable and playable mockup of your work in various forms.
Fullfunctioned Graphic Editor:
Bitmap drawing | Customizable vector shapes | Featured color palette | Text and text area supporting the entire fonts available in the iPad | Dropbox introduction | Support images | Supporting the majority of Apple UI widgets with smart placement | Transformation bar with pixel perfect adjustment (Lock, group/ungroup, arrange, mirror, rotate, size and position) | Dynamic property bar displaying the options of any objects | Cut, copy, paste, paste in place | Smart duplicate | Snap to guide with smart guides
Mock up Engine
Up to 200 screens supported | Overall screen view with connections | Supports portrait + landscape editions and live preview (rotate the device to get the right layout) | Links supporting various type of inputs and transitions | Fullfeatured graphic editor | Export PNGs or PDFs
App Icon Editor
Up to 99 icons supported | View all common size variations | Fullfeatured graphic editor | Multiple glow effect options | Export PNGs or PDFs
App Idea Planner
Dedicated place for the Application Definition Statement | Advice relevant to the type of App being designed | Industry standards rating tool
Store Info Section
Structured layout with auto character counter for byte limits | Category and subcategory support | Rating matrix | Name measurer tool, to avoid the “…” cutoff | Keyword & description advice | Localize into any language supported on the App Store
App Pricing Tool
Estimate revenue and expenses | Calculate the net result | Cutting edge advice | Price tags based on the 86 tiers available (free, $0,99, etc…) | In App Purchase support (Nonconsumable, consumable and subscription) | Advertisement support (Cost per Click, Cost per Mille and Cost per Action) | Supports USD, CAD, AUD, GBP, EUR, YEN, MXP, NOK, CHF, NZD
Share mockups. Get Feedback
Export App Cooker projects for backups | Export App Taster projects for clients | Export a PDF for people without an iOS device | Export PNG for graphic designers.

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