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Have your ever Dreamt to Make an App?

Chupamobile gives you everything you need to make a stunning App or a Game, right at your fingertips. We make it fun to create and launch your own App, it's hassle-free, and you don't need any coding or design skills.

Make your App and start building your own App portfolio today, get discovered in the App-Marketplaces and make money in no-time!

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The App Market

Over the past four years, the App market has exploded. The use of mobile apps grew by 120% in 2015 and the average user downloads 8.8 apps per month, in the US alone.

Now you too can create an app for your business, to promote your product or for any other reason. An app is a useful marketing tool to drive traffic and revenue.

The Biggest Players in the App Industry

There are companies that have built an empire thanks to this market.
Rovio with their Angry Birds game, King.com with Candy Crush, Instagram, Supercell and dozens of others have created companies worth over a billion dollars in 3-4 years. A billion dollars with a simple app.


How much does it cost to create an App?

Many believe that creating an app is too expensive. Another problem is that people often have no idea where to start. But there are good news. It is not as expensive as you think and it's not really hard to start a business in the App and games market. With Chupamobile, for example, you can create an app with less than $100. But before explaining, let’s start from the basics.

Which Kind of Apps can I create?

There are different types of applications and games that can be developed. Below you can find two categories of apps that are very successful in the store and will allow you to make the most amount of money:

Games - These have the largest range of complexity, from something as simple as a PONG type (imagine the old Atari game) up to super complex 3D games that you can see using your console.

Apps for editing/improving - These apps are among the most popular. To get an idea, imagine Instagram or any other app that allows you to touch up your photos.

With Chupamobile you can have access to more than 4000 ready Apps and Games, which will allow you to enter this multi-billion dollar business in a very short amount of time and with very low costs. To start, take a look at the 3 simple steps below and have fun browsing through our catalog and choosing the app that you like the most.


Build your own App or Game in 3 easy steps

  1. Choose your App or Game

    Pick the App Template you love from 3,000+ Apps and Games listed on the Marketplace. Our App Templates cover a wide range of categories: games, business, productivity, dating, chat, video and much more.

  2. Let us Launch your App

    We will take care of all the steps required to create and launch your own App. If you do not have any coding or design skills you don't have to worry, we will manage the entire process on your behalf.

  3. Start making money

    We will publish your App to the leading app marketplaces, including the Apple AppStore, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. You will start making money immediately!




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