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You start creating a new product by simply signing up and logging into your admin area. Select 'Create a New Product' from the left-hand navigation and upload your submissions!

At the moment, Chupa accepts items for the most popular Mobile platform used worldwide, currently including: iOS, Android,Titanium, JQuery, Phonegap.

Be sure to use our 'Starter Kit' when you start organizing your work before uploading, so that we can get your product approved faster!
This is a .zip file that shows you how to create documentations and a directory structure end user documentation before uploading, so that we can get your product approved faster!


Give your design a descriptive title and provide as much information as you can in the description. This will help you boost your sales.

Item titles should be grammatically correct. Be sure to capitalize the first letter of each word.


Create a 200x140px JPG thumbnail for your file. The thumbnail should represent your item in the search and browsing lists.

Create a maximum of 10 images to populate your product gallery, which will illustrate the functionality of your component. The images should be in JPG or .png, formats.

Pay attention to these images, and make sure that they catch the visitor's eye and explain how your product works.

After that you can upload your product and all the supporting files that your work relies upon. Compress all contents in a single .zip file.
This .zip file will include any materials which you have the right to distribute and stock, including photographs used in your design.

These are files that a user will get upon buying your item. Make it as complete as possible and organize your file structure into as many folders as necessary.
Placing all scripts, images and documentation within the root of your directory is not acceptable, as it creates grounds for rejection.

For example:

  • A project folder (for everything).
  • A documentation folder for the project document(s).
  • A 'Source' folder containing all the scripts used in the project.
  • An 'Images' folder containing all graphics used in the layout.
  • A preview PDF file (created in the final stages of your project).

All items sold on Chupa must contain documentations explaining how to customize, install and use the item. Detail the necessary steps that need to be followed in order to implement your component into the buyer's project.
Feel free to include screenshots or demo videos which illustrate the functionality of your component.
You can refer to a documentation template sample here, which you are free to use as well. Download here.

It is up to you to ensure that all images/assets in your project are cleared for use. If necessary, you should contact the creator of the asset and ask them. Please be certain that you own all the copyrights for the source codes you publish on chupamobile.com, or have the appropriate license(s) to release it.

Some developers even include a preview PDF which our review team really likes.


To get going, you'll need to tell us whether you are creating an item for iOS, Android, Titanium or Web App. Then, tell us which kind of product it is by selecting the proper item category.

You will be asked to select the Mobile OS your item runs on, the software framework (if any) used to create the code and the files type included in your .zip.


Once you've uploaded your design, you need to help people find it! Insert the Tags related to your Item. Be accurate to help people find your product. Use a fair number of useful descriptive tags.

Share every useful info about your product with the reviewing team. This will help in approving your item faster.

Now you're ready to earn commission!

When your design sells, you will get a notification email of the amount owed to you. Be sure to read our commissions policy so you understand how this works! The products you submitted are now under a strict review process.

As you should know, ChupaMobile.com was launched very recently and we invited a list of selected developers to start populating our MarketPlace.
Once the populating phase is over, the accepted items will be removed from the reviewing queue and will be published on the Chupa Mobile Marketplace.

We will notify you when your products will be published on the site.