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Best App And Game Templates: iOS, Android and Unity [1st Week Of June]

Our review team works hard every week to bring you the best App and Game Templates for your app portfolio. Furthermore, Valentina prepares a weekly selection with the best products listed on our catalog so you don’t have to lose precious time searching. Just focus on your next app!

These are Valentina’s picks of the week. Enjoy!

iOS App Templates


Are you an Instagram lover? Ok, then grab this template and create you own image sharing app like Instagram and get famous.

This or That – Anonymously Post Two Photos

This or That is built to be redesigned for several purposes. There are three tabs, “Feed”, “Me”, and “Post”.

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Best Apps And Games Of The Week [4th Week Of April]

Our weekly newsletter has a new face! Have you checked it? The 6 slots of our old template weren’t enough to feature all the amazing Apps and Games our authors publish every week on our marketplace. Now, every week you will receive 9 amazing products in your inbox, together with a blog post to keep you up-to-date of news, tips, and other interesting stuff about the World of Apps!

Let’s see now the 9 best products of this week. Are you ready? Here we go!

iOS App Templates

Odd Koo – One Hour Reskin

Another of Rebeloper’s 1 Hour Reskin Series Template: buy it, reskin it and publish your App TODAY! A reskin of this Game has already been featured by Apple!

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Best App And Game Templates Of The Week [2nd Week Of April]

Hold on tight, incredible App and Game Templates have joined our catalogue! Rebeloper has published a Template which takes just 1 hour to reskin; Appindusty is riding the wave of the Top Charts with Bouncing Ball and Atik97 offers a Template ready for the Apple Watch. Besides them, other original proposals are waiting for you!

Scroll down and be amazed!

iOS App Templates

Whack Koo

Built with the leading engine for iOS indie games: Cocos2D with SpriteBuilder, all written in Swift! A simple yet engaging game has been created to launch your own app in one hour. AdMob, Chartboost and in-app purchases are included!

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Awesome App and Game Templates For Flash Reskin! [4th Week of March]

The App and Game Templates we propose you this week are simply astonishing! Our Top Authors have created these High-Quality Templates ready to hit the charts.

Don’t dream about it, realize it!

iOS App Templates

Sorting Koo – One Hour Reskin

Launch your game in the App Store tonight, this easy-to-reskin App Template written in Swift can be reskinned in 1 hour! The gameplay: users need to put the food in the right box in the minimum time possible; they can also make a video while playing and share it with their friends! AdMob, Chartboost and in-app purchase available!

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Jump Car Unity Template At 71% Off! [48hrs Flash Sale]

The time has arrived! Today we make a leap into gaming. I have chosen a Unity Template with all the characteristics to break the charts: an easy-to-play tap game with an addictive gameplay, plus an appealing graphic UI.

I’m proposing you a Game Template worth $99 for only $29!

This Jump Car Template is based on an iOS Top Seller App that reached the Top positions on iTunes. It has been integrated with the best ad networks to monetize with interstitials, video ads and banner ads. Bonus: It includes the Remove Ads feature through an in-app purchase! Here they are some more features:

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New Top App and Game Templates for iOS and Android! [3rd week of March]

So many incredible Templates for iOS and Android have been released this week! 2City, perfect to create events; 3D Card Battle RPG, to fight against your friends and Slots 777 Vegas, a non-stop slot machine to measure your luck!

This time, it is really hard to choose!

iOS App Templates

2City – Event App

Launch your event and party App Template today with awesome features designed to give your users an awesome night experience! It has an intuitive admin panel, web checkout to integrate payment gateway, social sharing, Uber connection and push notifications via Parse!

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Six Top App and Game Templates for iOS and Android (2nd Week of March)

This week we have an awesome Action Game Template ready to be reskinned and launched on the App Stores: Tower Defense! Additionally, don’t miss the new Dating Apps, Social Networks and Location-based Apps that have just arrived in our catalog!

App or Game? Which one will you launch next? Below, you’ll find the best app and game templates of the week!

Multiplatform App Templates

Tower Defense Game for iOS and Android

Built in Cocos2d, it supports both iOS and Android. Tower Defense is an awesome Game that costs more than $30,000 to implement! It has been built to boost revenues: Chartboost, Vungle, Flurry and 3 in-app purchases are integrated.

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Best Apps and Games of the First Week of March

We are sure you are going to love the App and Game Templates we have selected for your portfolio this week! Social networks, Top Ranked Games and much more!

Take a look and pick yours!

iOS App Templates

Peekee for iOS

This is an anonymous location-based photo-sharing community. Features: No sign-up needed, share images anonymously, upvote or downvote posts, add captions to images, see what is being shared around. Users can also set a location if they don’t want to use GPS.

iOS – SpeedTracker

A Swift App Template to help users track the speed of their car, bike and even bus!

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Unity 5 Global Launch Announced at GDC 2015 + Blacksmith Video

They have just announced it at the 2015 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco: Unity 5 game engine is now available globally for all game developers out there. That’s exciting news for devs but also for gamers and app entrepreneurs.

Some of the new features introduced by Unity Technologies in this new version will notably change the 3D gaming panorama and allow indie developers and agencies make even more realistic games. The engine update contains “massive graphics improvements and an expanded editor feature set.” Graphically, the engine now has physically based shading, “real-time global illumination with Enlighten, and reflection probes.”

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