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Most Important Design Principles for Apple Watch Apps

Designing apps for Apple Watch is the new design challenge for iOS designers and developers because the smaller screen of this new platform has more constraints for user interaction. The Apple Watch is still a new and challenging frontier that requires having in-depth knowledge of the dynamics and visual challenges of creating a winning user experience.

Basic Aspects of Apple Watch UI

It is important to know that most Apple Watch apps are merely slimmer, slicker, and in some cases stripped down versions of traditional iOS apps made for iPhone and iPad devices.  Most Apple Watch apps are far from independent, and they only work in conjunction with their mobile apps that are used in the connected iPhone or iPad.

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Apple Watch: Notifications in Deep

Thanks to iOS, when a notification arrives to the user’s iPhone it will be shown on the Apple Watch or on the iPhone, depending on the situation. By default the operating system provides a default notification interface to show the message but we can customize it by including different images or content.

WatchKit offers two types of notification interfaces:

Short-Look interface

Is the first screen we see when receiving a notification. It is a non-scrolling screen that shows abbreviated information, which we can’t customize. It shows the app icon, the app name and a title string provided by the local notification or the remote notification payload.

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Apple Watch: Glances in Deep

A glance is a way that WatchKit offers to show relevant information from one application to the user and it resides in the WatchKit app’s storyboard.

When creating a glance programatically, we need to customize an instance of WKInterfaceController (the main class for implementing a WatchKit’s interface), which means that we should create a class that inherits from WKInterfaceController and implement the needed methods to set up the scene.

It’s very similar to a UIKit’s UIViewController but with the difference that it doesn’t manage any view. The difference is that the WatchKit interface controller resides in the WatchKit extension and responds to interactions with the Apple Watch’s elements on scene such as labels, menu controls or images.

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Getting Started On Mobile Game Development: A Chat With John Bura From Mammoth Interactive

We know that a huge part of the Chupamobile community are gamers and indie game devs. Believe me if I say that you are going to love this interview (plus we have an amazing present for you at its end!! Don’t miss it!).

Today we have the pleasure to interview a gamer with almost 20 years of experience in game programming. John Bura, that’s his name, is also one of the 10 highest grossing Udemy instructors and has founded a development studio that produces games for XBOX 360, HTML 5, ad-games and, of course, iOS and Android!

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24hrs Flash Sale: 6 Apple Watch App Templates At 50% Off

If you still don’t have any Apple Watch Apps on your portfolio, now it’s the time! I’m proposing you not one but six Top Apple Watch App Templates ready to be reskinned and launched.

You won’t find a better opportunity to enter the Apple Watch App business!

The bundle includes 6 Premium App and Game Templates:

  • SHOE-SIZE: Shopping abroad for footwear, shopping online, or having a friend to pick up shoes for you from abroad? Figuring out your shoe size in another country can be tricky! But not anymore. Shoe Sizes Converter is an Apple Watch app to convert shoe sizes and it’s always on your wrist wherever you are.
  • TRAVELERS WATCH: Watch application for hikers, tourists, travelers, athletes. This application provides location data, current speed, course, altitude and also the possibility to view the map.
  • LIGHTNING DISTANCE: Thunder & Lightning has (barely) one practical purpose: to measure your distance to a sound source. It works for thunder and lightning, fireworks, rocket launches, or other loud events visible from a (hopefully safe) distance away.
  • TAP-TAP TAP-TAP: A very simple but addictive game for Apple Watch. Use this template to build a good killing-time game.
  • RADIO APPLICATION: WatchRadio is a universal application, it works on Apple Watch, iPhone & iPad. Use it for making your own radio app for all devices or just to learn the Apple Watch programming basics and start making your own apps.
  • CARD GAME “WAR”: Well- known and simple card game called “WAR” for iOS devices. Its gameplay is super easy; who gets a higher card, gets the point. This version includes all 52 cards and chooses a random card for each turn.

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Apple Watch: How To Enter The Hottest Tech Business

Now that the Apple Watch starts to conquer the wrists of the early adopters, it seems a good time to start talking about numbers (and, in consequence, about business!). Actually, the Apple Watch App business is one of the hottest opportunities out there and now it’s the moment to enter it. Not next week, not next month. Now.

At Chupamobile, we are always looking for new and good ways to help you boost your revenues. That’s why I have prepared a short guide to get started on the Apple Watch business with the main points you need to consider.

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First Apple Watch Apps Begin Showing Up In The App Store

Though Apple Watch will be released next April 24, Apple Watch apps are beginning to show up on the App Store. Some of the apps selected by Apple to be compatible with the new device started to hit the Store yesterday as updates of already existing apps like Twitter, Things, Target, Dark Sky, or Sky Guide.

This first set of third-party Apple Watch apps has been clearly chosen for the promotion of the first Apple Watches that will be available in the Apple Store for next April 10. Actually, most developers working on Apple Watch apps still cannot submit their specific updates.

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Apple Watch WatchKit: Glances and Notifications Essentials

With the imminent release of Apple Watch later today (watch in streaming the Spring Forward event), it’s the moment to get our apps ready to be compatible with this amazing device.

As we saw in our first post of this series, a WatchKit application consists in two different ways to display content:

  • glances
  • notifications

So, let’s goo deeper on Watchkit Glances and Notifications and see which peculiarities has each of them.

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A Deeper Look Into WatchKit: What Does It Mean For App Developers?

How many of you remember the rush for the iOS SDK, when it was released? Every developer wanted to took advantage of that gold rush and they had good reasons for that. Some of them really succeeded, especially from a financial point of view, mainly because of their new, innovating ideas, concepts that nobody thought of before. If you think those times are gone forever, you’re actually wrong. That opportunity has returned, now under the name of “Apple Watch” and believe it or not it’s way much of a bigger deal that the iPhone was at it launch. Reports confirm that!

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Apple Watch: Configuring Xcode

To create a WatchKit app we need to have an existing common iOS application so to achive it, in the existing Xcode project for this application, we will need to add a new target: a WatchKit app target, which will configure the resources and the bundle for the WatchKit app and the WatchKit extension.

To publish this app to the App Store we need to take into account that all these resources and bundles must be uploaded as a unique package.

This new WatchKit app target will contain all the resources needed for an initial WatchKit app such as glances or notification interfaces and luckily, the Xcode (version 6.2 or later) simulator contains an environment to test the WatchKit app.

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