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Most Important Design Principles for Apple Watch Apps

Designing apps for Apple Watch is the new design challenge for iOS designers and developers because the smaller screen of this new platform has more constraints for user interaction. The Apple Watch is still a new and challenging frontier that requires having in-depth knowledge of the dynamics and visual challenges of creating a winning user experience.

Basic Aspects of Apple Watch UI

It is important to know that most Apple Watch apps are merely slimmer, slicker, and in some cases stripped down versions of traditional iOS apps made for iPhone and iPad devices.  Most Apple Watch apps are far from independent, and they only work in conjunction with their mobile apps that are used in the connected iPhone or iPad.

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Migrating your apps from iOS 8 to iOS 9

As happens every year Apple has released a new version of iOS and it’s time for the developers to update all their apps in order to be available on most of the devices and support the new features the operating system provides.

Apple has released iOS 9: it’s time for developers to update all their apps >> Click to tweet

For this purpose you will need to follow some steps to get your app updated to iOS9:

Download the last Xcode version from Apple’s iOS Dev Center

The first thing you will need is to have your tools up to date, which means that you will need the latest Xcode version (Xcode7) from Apple Developer webpage.

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Android or iOS App: What to Build First?

When you are preparing to build an app, you dream of seeing it every app store and hopefully on tons of smartphones or tablets. Typically this would mean building a multi-platform app, for both iOS and Android. But going multiplatform from day one is not always the best choice. It is often beneficial to build for one platform first, test, get valuable feedback from users, improve the product accordingly, and then build for the other platform. With that in mind, what platform should you build first for?

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Apple Watch: Notifications in Deep

Thanks to iOS, when a notification arrives to the user’s iPhone it will be shown on the Apple Watch or on the iPhone, depending on the situation. By default the operating system provides a default notification interface to show the message but we can customize it by including different images or content.

WatchKit offers two types of notification interfaces:

Short-Look interface

Is the first screen we see when receiving a notification. It is a non-scrolling screen that shows abbreviated information, which we can’t customize. It shows the app icon, the app name and a title string provided by the local notification or the remote notification payload.

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48hrs Flash Sale: Movie Cutter for iOS is 83% Off!

We have an amazing deal on a top-notch App Template! Movie Cutter for iOS is a Premium Video Editing App.

I’ve said “top-notch”. Yes: Movie Cutter is actually worth $599 and now you can get it at 83% off – only $99!

Top Features:

  • Projects View
    • Create new projects
    • Rename
    • Delete
    Edit View
    • Import your videos into timeline
    • Shoot with the internal camera and your clip is instantly added to the timeline
    • Everything runs in real-time
    • Clone
    • Trim
    • Delete
    • Export to Movies
    • View (choose between 3 different bit-rates)

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48hrs Exclusive Launch Offer: Tower Defense Template 60% Off!

If you are looking for a moneymaker Game Template, we have the one for you. Steampunk Defense makes 3k downloads and $200 in revenue DAILY! This full featured Tower Defense template allows you to build any Tower Defense game for both iOS and Android.

Monetization Features:

  • Level editor
  • Chartboost
  • Vungle: Video’s within apps.
  • Supersonic (Videos, Interstitial and Offer Walls)
  • Ad Colony (through Supersonic mediation)
  • Flurry
  • In-App Purchases

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WWDC 2015: What’s new in SceneKit and SpriteKit

During the Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference 2015 that took place last Monday 8 June, we were introduced to three new features on Apple’s game development frameworks: GameplayKit, ReplayKit and Model I/O.

They were presented in a very short instant but it was enough to leave us wondering what were them about. Let’s see what each of these SDKs has to offer.


GameplayKit offers an engine that will help us develop games with complex rules. Thanks to it we can also define real world behaviour and make it interact with the characters on the game.

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Exclusive Launch Offer: Complete Social Network Template 67% Off

You’ve always dreamt of launching an app with thousands of users. Well, now you can! Check out the Complete Social Network, an Instagram-like social. Launch a fully featured social network and start building your empire with this amazing template.


  • Universal iPhone/iPad app
  • Log in with classic username and password or Facebook button
  • Post photos and videos
  • Follow your friends and loved ones
  • Like and comment on your friends’ photos
  • Share photos to other social networks
  • Hashtags and user mentions (tags)
  • Edit and personalize photos with a vast amount of filters and effects (NO Aviary SDK)
  • Personalize your profile page, set your own profile and header picture, customize the color of your page and leave some personal information for your followers
  • Private and group messaging
  • Activity and push notifications
  • Change your password, enable or disable location services and contact the support

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Best App And Game Templates: iOS, Android and Unity [1st Week Of June]

Our review team works hard every week to bring you the best App and Game Templates for your app portfolio. Furthermore, Valentina prepares a weekly selection with the best products listed on our catalog so you don’t have to lose precious time searching. Just focus on your next app!

These are Valentina’s picks of the week. Enjoy!

iOS App Templates


Are you an Instagram lover? Ok, then grab this template and create you own image sharing app like Instagram and get famous.

This or That – Anonymously Post Two Photos

This or That is built to be redesigned for several purposes. There are three tabs, “Feed”, “Me”, and “Post”.

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App Development & Marketing (+ Free Tutorial) With Pablo Farías From Zenva

We know many of you are or have learned iOS and Android development thanks to online courses, tutorials, webinars and blogs. If this is your case, keep reading because this is for you: Today we have the pleasure to interview Pablo Farías Navarro, CEO and founder of Zenva Academy. Independently of your knowledge level, Zenva is one of the best resources out there to learn mobile development with courses of every type and platform.

Besides the amazing tips Pablo has prepared for us, you will find as well a free Swift tutorial at the end of the article: “Getting Started Making Games with SpriteKit and Swift”. Enjoy!

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