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Interview: How this Indie Game Studio Earned $10K in 48 Hours

Over $10k in only 48 hours. This is the amount Duc Nguyen and his team made using Chupamobile. The revenue was generated by a single product, Farm Business, a casual game similar to the hit Farmville. This was the first app template listed on Chupamobile by this company. They have now published more top-quality game templates on our marketplace and plan to release a bunch of new titles in the following weeks.

SunNet, which has over 300 titles published on the app stores and almost 10 million users, is working on a new hit, a third person shooting game. Duc says they will use the earnings generated through Chupamobile to partially fund this upcoming game that is still under development. Could Chupamobile be the next Kickstarter for indie game studios?

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Interview: This App Developer is Earning Thousands with his App Portfolio

Many think the app stores are the only way to monetize an app portfolio. Some app developers are going further and earning thousands a month by licensing their apps source code to other developers or appreneurs.

Some app developers are going further the app stores and earning thousands a month with this method. >> Click to tweet

Marius Rott is one of them. He begun his career as an indie developer 2 years ago and after a few months he began selling app source code through Chupamobile. Since then, he has earned thousands in sales and the title of Top Chupamobile Author.

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6 App Reskinning Fundamentals That People Forget

When I launched my first app, Mustache Bash, back in April 2012, I used what was then a little-known technique to get approximately 100,000 downloads in less than 48 hours for free.

After the app was approved, I set the price as $1.99 and published it. I then emailed, texted, and called friends and family, and asked them to download Mustache Bash and leave a review. Within a day or two, the app had over 20 reviews.

These activities set the stage for the technique I mentioned earlier: about a week after launch, I dropped the price from $1.99 to free, and all of the app review sites that track price drops for four- and five-star apps took notice and put up posts about Mustache Bash.

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Interview With An iOS Developer: Joshin Shaji

Today with us we have Joshin Shaji, which you might know for being one of our iOS developers, author of Office Suit, Talkon and 2048 PRO. If you’re interested to know how he became a developer, keep reading, it’s a story you shouldn’t miss!

Chupamobile: Hi Joshin, It’s great to have you here on Chupamobile. We already know who you are, but would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

Joshin: My name is Joshin Shaji, from India living in Bahrain. My interest in computers and technology started when I was 4. My favorite toys were wires, batteries, screwdrivers and motors. I was the happiest kid in the world when I had all these items to play with. I used to connect wire to motors create fans and hover crafts. I first used a computer when I was 4. I learned the basics quite quickly and started installing games and softwares.

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Apple’s First Week Of iOS 8: Epic Fail?

No phone calls, no connectivity, no touch ID, Apple’s first update of the iOS8 turned out to be a big fail. After just one hour of the update release, Apple retrieved iOS 8.0.1 from the market. It was supposed to solve bugs of the newly released OS, instead, it made it worse.

This time, Apple has had one fail after another, first the iPhone that bends then the OS problems, the U2 album that Apple gifted wasn’t appreciated either. To discuss the matter we have asked our developers to talk about it. Is it a real fail or people are just over reacting?

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Rebeloper Presents ‘Amazing Thief Blueprint’

One of our best authors here on Chupamobile has just added another app template to his collection. Who am I talking about? Rebeloper of course! Sandor Nagy is his real name and if you’re a developer on our platform, I’m sure you have already heard about him. All of his apps have had a great success but today, let’s talk about his new entry: Amazing Thief Blueprint.

Rebeloper proudly presents an app that can be customized in just 15 minutes and it offers an A+ source code with support.

As you already know, these kind of apps have a high rise on the App Store but a relatively short lifespan, so you have to act fast to catch the “Amazing Thief Wave”. And remember, the more creative you are the more chances you have to succeed.

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iOS Developer Zois Discusses Apple’s New Products

After the announcement of the iPhone6 and the Apple Watch, we were curious to know what were our developers’ reactions. Zois Avgerinos, iOS developer of numerous apps (Hyper Connect, iNeedu, Blustick, Zapem, PlayerX, neatCalc), is joining us today to talk about it. Let’s take a look!

Chupamobile: Hi Zois, we know you are an iOS developer but we’d like to know more! Can you present yourself to our community?

Zois: I live in Greece and I am a “mad” physics scientist with a passion for software engineering. I’ve been a professional developer for the past 7 years and I am currently employed by a leading company in the software industry. For the last 3 years, I became extremely interested in mobile development and started creating my own apps for iOS.

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Apple Keynote: iOS Developer Brandon Hendricks Talks About It

Meet Brandon Hendricks, one of our iOS developers! He is also knows as Bran711 on our platform and is the creator of two great games: Sssnake and Sneaky Mouse. He’s with us to talk about the latest Apple announcements, so keep reading and find out what he has to say!

Chupamobile: Hi Brandon, we know you are an iOS developer, what else can you tell us about you?

Brandon: Hi there! Yes I have been developing iOS Apps for about 4 years now. I currently work as a CVO (Chief Visionary Officer) at Gold Hydrogen, a software design and development company that specializes in Mobile Applications and Websites.

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Apple Keynote: iOS Developer Vasiliy Makarov\'s Opinion

Another one of our iOS developers is here to talk about Apple’s keynote. With us we have Vasiliy Makarov, also known as DrMoriarty on the Chupamobile community. He is the developer of E-Course Maker iOS Starter Kit and Radio application for NPO. Keep reading to find out more about him.

Chupamobile: Hi Vasiliy! It’s nice to have you here. What can you tell us about yourself?

Vasiliy: Hello! My name’s Vasiliy Makarov. I’m an iOS developer since 2009.

C: What are your first impressions after having watched the keynote?

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What Developers Think About Apple’s News : Alan Trippe

It’s been almost a week since Apple’s new releases and we’re still curious to know what are our iOS developers think about them. Today, we have with us Alan Trippe, he is the developer of Crazy Popper and What’s the pic?. To know more about him and his knowledge about the app world keep reading!

Chupamobile: Hi Alan! Can you present yourself to our community? We know you are an iOS developer but tell us a little more.

Alan: I’m Alan Trippe with Trippin’ Software. We’ve been developing mobile games for over 4 years, with our 2 most successful apps being Crazy Poppers and Name that Pic! We’ve spent the last year working on our latest game, Animon Island, monster battle and capture game that’s kind of a blend of Pokemon, Puzzles & Dragons and Candy Crush with a very unique PvP battle system. It should be released in the next month or two.

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