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48hrs Flash Sale: Movie Cutter for iOS is 83% Off!

We have an amazing deal on a top-notch App Template! Movie Cutter for iOS is a Premium Video Editing App.

I’ve said “top-notch”. Yes: Movie Cutter is actually worth $599 and now you can get it at 83% off – only $99!

Top Features:

  • Projects View
    • Create new projects
    • Rename
    • Delete
    Edit View
    • Import your videos into timeline
    • Shoot with the internal camera and your clip is instantly added to the timeline
    • Everything runs in real-time
    • Clone
    • Trim
    • Delete
    • Export to Movies
    • View (choose between 3 different bit-rates)

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48hrs Exclusive Launch Offer: Tower Defense Template 60% Off!

If you are looking for a moneymaker Game Template, we have the one for you. Steampunk Defense makes 3k downloads and $200 in revenue DAILY! This full featured Tower Defense template allows you to build any Tower Defense game for both iOS and Android.

Monetization Features:

  • Level editor
  • Chartboost
  • Vungle: Video’s within apps.
  • Supersonic (Videos, Interstitial and Offer Walls)
  • Ad Colony (through Supersonic mediation)
  • Flurry
  • In-App Purchases

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Exclusive Launch Offer: Complete Social Network Template 67% Off

You’ve always dreamt of launching an app with thousands of users. Well, now you can! Check out the Complete Social Network, an Instagram-like social. Launch a fully featured social network and start building your empire with this amazing template.


  • Universal iPhone/iPad app
  • Log in with classic username and password or Facebook button
  • Post photos and videos
  • Follow your friends and loved ones
  • Like and comment on your friends’ photos
  • Share photos to other social networks
  • Hashtags and user mentions (tags)
  • Edit and personalize photos with a vast amount of filters and effects (NO Aviary SDK)
  • Personalize your profile page, set your own profile and header picture, customize the color of your page and leave some personal information for your followers
  • Private and group messaging
  • Activity and push notifications
  • Change your password, enable or disable location services and contact the support

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Vlad The Viking Is 78% Off For 48hrs Only: Launch Your Multiplayer Game!

Remember Flappy Bird? Well, the game I propose you today is as addictive as it and, most important, has an unlimited reskin potential!

Vlad The Angry Viking is one of our Top Game Templates and you can get it for $89 instead of its full price of $399 – 78% off!

Besides its reskin potential, Vlad The Angry Viking is full of amazing features:

  • Easy to reskin
  • Cocos2d source code
  • Includes follow-along documentation
  • Endless gameplay
  • Optimized and balanced code
  • AppLovin ads installed
  • GameAnalytics installed
  • PlayHaven: app promotion, reviews, push notifications
  • GameCenter
  • Optimized for iOS 8
  • 64bit ready
  • Uses Chupamobile OneSDK for easy 3rd party integration

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Word Puzzle Game Template 70% Off For 48hrs!

Did you know that 54 of U.S. mobile users play puzzle games? Yes, people love puzzle games! And word puzzles are one of the best choices for app publishers as they are extremely easy to customize. That’s why I have chosen WordMix for the Flash Sale of the week!

WordMix is a Premium Game Template created by one of our Top Authors. It’s worth $199 but, for a limited time, you can get it for only $59!

If you are not convinced yet, let’s have a look at its main features:

  • Universal app (iPhone, iPod, iPad)
  • Supports all iPhone resolutions (including iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus)
  • Easy to change the game skin (psd files included)
  • Puzzle and Package Configuration Tool
  • Purchasable Puzzle Packs with In-App Purchase (this feature will make the most revenue!)
  • In-App Purchases to buy game Coins
  • Puzzle configuration support
  • Game Power Ups: Hint and Ask Friends
  • Local Notifications: easy to configure and schedule as you wish
  • Sound control option
  • Flurry Analytics included
  • AppLovin, Chartboost and StartApp support included (a mediation layer is included)
  • AdMob and iAd included with Admob Mediation SDK
  • Easy to understand and update

An outstanding Game Template, isn’t it? Don’t miss this chance and get now WordMix at only $59. The countdown has started!

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24hrs Flash Sale: 6 Apple Watch App Templates At 50% Off

If you still don’t have any Apple Watch Apps on your portfolio, now it’s the time! I’m proposing you not one but six Top Apple Watch App Templates ready to be reskinned and launched.

You won’t find a better opportunity to enter the Apple Watch App business!

The bundle includes 6 Premium App and Game Templates:

  • SHOE-SIZE: Shopping abroad for footwear, shopping online, or having a friend to pick up shoes for you from abroad? Figuring out your shoe size in another country can be tricky! But not anymore. Shoe Sizes Converter is an Apple Watch app to convert shoe sizes and it’s always on your wrist wherever you are.
  • TRAVELERS WATCH: Watch application for hikers, tourists, travelers, athletes. This application provides location data, current speed, course, altitude and also the possibility to view the map.
  • LIGHTNING DISTANCE: Thunder & Lightning has (barely) one practical purpose: to measure your distance to a sound source. It works for thunder and lightning, fireworks, rocket launches, or other loud events visible from a (hopefully safe) distance away.
  • TAP-TAP TAP-TAP: A very simple but addictive game for Apple Watch. Use this template to build a good killing-time game.
  • RADIO APPLICATION: WatchRadio is a universal application, it works on Apple Watch, iPhone & iPad. Use it for making your own radio app for all devices or just to learn the Apple Watch programming basics and start making your own apps.
  • CARD GAME “WAR”: Well- known and simple card game called “WAR” for iOS devices. Its gameplay is super easy; who gets a higher card, gets the point. This version includes all 52 cards and chooses a random card for each turn.

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48hrs Exclusive Launch Offer: Pro Shot is 75% Off!

Pho Shot is live for the first time and, for 48hrs only, you can get it at 75% off! We inaugurate this promotion with a Universal iOS App Template for building your next outstanding picture editor app.

Pro Shot is a Premium App Template full of features and sharing options, including live camera adjustment as tint, temperature and exposure. Read them all here:

  • In App Purchase to unlock Premium version
  • Custom camera controller with live Tint, Temperature and Exposure features
  • Photo adjustment tools: Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Exposure
  • Take a picture, pick a photo from Library or use the random background image
  • Awesome set of Filters
  • Nice set of Effects
  • Already localized for English and Italian languages
  • Blur tool, with Circle, Band and Normal options
  • Crop editor, with pre-made settings and freehand cropping tool
  • Tone Curve Stickers, Frames and Textures
  • Borders feature to crop your image into a square size for Instagram
  • Drawing tool
  • Text tool, with customizable fonts and colors
  • Multiple sharing options
  • Nice modern User Interface
  • Instagram button on the Home screen
  • Automatically save original photo into camera roll
  • Save images to custom Pro Shot album
  • Rate Us button
  • Tell a friend option
  • Send feedback button
  • Like us on Facebook option
  • Pro Shot Store button on the Home screen (to quickly access the IAP controller)

I would not miss this opportunity! Pro Shot Template will be soon listed at $399! Get it now at only $99 and launch your Photo Editor App!

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Educational App For Kids: Colouring App 67% Off For 48hrs!

Did you know that it is 10 times easier to reach the App Stores Top Charts for the Educational category compared to the Gaming category? With this in mind, I have chosen one of the most successful Apps for kids listed on Chupamobile: Colouring App for Android.

Colouring App for Android costs $149 and now, for 48 hours only, you can get it at $49. The promotion includes both free and paid versions of the App!

An App loved by both kids and parents: it helps children get started with the alphabet and numbers while enhancing artistic creativity and learning about animals in their natural surroundings. Along with the alphabet, basic words are also introduced in their vocabulary. Discover more of its features here:

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48hrs Flash Sale: Get Snapify At 70% Off!

Say hello to Snapify! It’s a full, complete, and meticulously handcrafted app for iOS 8 ready to be submitted to the App Store. You know Instagram, right? Well, Snapify lies along the same lines, with a social image sharing network complete with Facebook login and the possibility to comment and like photos.

For 48 hours only, you can get this Premium App Template for $59 instead of its full price, $199.

Snapify is powered by a Parse backend to manage user accounts, user photos, photo comments, photo likes, and the Facebook login. It’s the complete and simply gorgeous solution for a Social Photo Sharing App.

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Blek App Template Is 72% Off For 48 Hours!

Here we are with a new 48hrs Flash Sale! The star is a Template based on an App Store hit that has already become a classic: Blek! An App that kept the undisputed #1 position Overall in 29 countries for months and that is still on the Worldwide Top Charts after more than one year.

I’m proposing you Blek for Android with a 72% discount. You can get a Top App Template worth $249 for $69!

Just to give you a highlight: did you know that a reskin of this App Template reached the #3 position of the App Store in Germany? Here some of its features:

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