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7 Essential Utility App Templates

These days, almost everybody leads a hectic and busy lifestyle, which is why it is useful to have whatever help we can get in order to make our busy lives a little easier and more enjoyable. Mobile phones are no longer a luxury but rather a necessity these days. These perform a lot of functions and are also equipped with apps that make our life easier. If you’re looking at developing apps, there are a few great app templates that will enable you to bring out a utility app that not only looks good, but will perform well, ensuring your customers have nothing but good things to say about your app. Why not take a look at the app templates below and see what you could make of them.

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Easy, Fun And Attractive Photo Editing App Templates

Are you looking for an app with a simple design that will not eat up most of your precious time, yet has great features and high success opportunities? We’ve got what you need.

Millions of users worldwide use more their smartphones than a camera to capture photographs. If you want to tap into this potential market of photo editing apps, then there are templates that you can use to make the process easier and faster. We’ve gathered juts for you the best photo editing app templates. Why not look at developing one for your customers?

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48hrs Flash Sale: Get Yip Yap Pro At 66% Off!

Opportunities like this don’t come around often. This is your chance to get a top app template at 66% off! Yes, you heard right! I’m talking about Yip Yap Pro, the ultimate social network template for iOS!

What’s so special about this app? All its users can join the conversation by posting and sharing pictures, comments and videos with their friends. Oh, and did I mention that the app is for sharing self-destructing content? This adds just the perfect amount of fun and excitement! The users can engage with it by upvoting or downvoting posts and see what other people around are posting.

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The Latest Mobile App Usage Trends

According to the year-end report on mobile trends released by Flurry (a mobile analytics firm owned by Yahoo), mobile app usage has continued to escalate in the last 12 months, recording a significant growth. The overall app usage grew by 76% in 2014 and top app categories including Utilities, Productivity, Messaging and Shopping experienced a triple-digit growth, contributing significantly to the overall increased usage of mobile apps.

Are we using our smartphones more for organization?

As mobile gadgets become more and more a part of consumers’ everyday life, they are increasingly using them for not only communication but also for shopping and working. Smartphone users opened more Utilities & Productivity apps in 2014, establishing that mobile gadgets and tablets have become essential devices that enable people to be productive and keep their lives organized. Throughout the year, the company tracked over 2 trillion app sessions, with a daily session recording taking place on the last day of the year when 8.5 billion sessions were recorded as consumers celebrated the New Year’s Eve.

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Score Some Extra Earnings With The Best Football App Templates

There’s not a household in the country that doesn’t have at least football fan in it, and the love of the game keeps us all enthralled when the World Cup or Premier League reaches its climax. We can’t attend every game though, and it’s frustrating when you can’t find out what’s going on in the football whilst you’re out and about, so many of us turn to checking the scores on our phones.

If you’re a developer that wants in on a bit of the football related actions, then you can create your own live score apps with some of the great templates. With that in mind, we look at some football live score app templates and what they have to offer.

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Important Facts On The Mobile Business: A Recap Of 2014

2014 has been a successful year for the mobile industry, but unlike many of you might think the growth does not lie only in new mobile devices, instead, it is in the mobile advertising, commerce, apps, payments, health and software.

86% of users spend their time on mobile apps rather than browsing on the mobile web, and for apps we aren’t only talking about games but also social, utilities, entertainment, productivity, and commerce. So we see, while once it was all about who came up with the coolest smartphone now success is about mobile software development.

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Double Your Money With Gambling App Templates

Everyone loves a flutter, and there’s no better way to tap into the App market than by coming up with a great gambling game. Addictive, thrilling and great fun, these app templates will make sure you don’t disappoint, and they’re all easy to reskin so you can make them as brash or as classy as you like!

Mega Casino

Bingo is becoming a popular online game and many developers are making apps to meet this demand. Having a good template is essential though if you want your app to stand out in the crowd. The Mega Casino Bingo game has a really fun template that will instantly attract players. It is compatible on all iPhones and iOS devices. The system runs without any bugs and uses great images and colors to add in the fun factor. Bingo is a fast and exhilarating game, popular the world over, and finding a template that is as easy to re-skin as this is will be a very big challenge indeed.

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Holiday Themed Apps You’ll Love

What better way to keep yourself occupied over the festive period than downloading some new holiday themed apps. They can help you relax or just give you a nice bit of escapism when you’re stuffed full of turkey dinner. We’ve put together a list of our 6 favorite apps to keep you entertained over the Holiday season….. drumroll please!

Angry Birds Seasons

As the seasonal version of the much loved Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons is a must have on your app list. This seasonal version offers 25 snowy levels to complete and updates appropriately with each holiday.

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Christmas Themed eBooks Apps: Telling The Story Of Christmas

Christmas e-books apps are a great way to keep the kids occupied, allowing them not only to read great stories, but to engage with these classic tales through innovative animations, music and activities. Here’s our pick of the best Christmas e-books for kids.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

There can’t be many of us adults who don’t remember Charlie Brown and Peanuts fondly. Now you can share that with your kids with A Charlie Brown Christmas, in which the user can help Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the gang to discover the true meaning of Christmas.

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The Best Christmas Apps for Kids

You’re sure to spend lots of family time together this Christmas, but sometimes you need a break – whether it’s from wrapping presents, or knocking up some mince pies. Download one of these great Christmas apps for kids, apps so that the children can enjoy some festive fun while you get on!

Sleeps to Christmas 2

In the run up to Christmas, things can get a little hectic, and constant questions about when Santa is coming won’t help. Download the “Sleeps to Christmas 2” app and let the animated Christmas characters and carols do the job for you.

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