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Chupamobile is proud to support the State of the developer Nation Survey!

We’re proud to be supporting the State of the Developer Nation Survey run by our friends at VisionMobile! This is the 12th developer survey, focusing on a 360 view of developer tools, skills and salaries.

The survey features questions on topics like programming languages, platforms, app categories, new technologies, revenue models, IoT verticals – and of course – tools. It’s a survey made by developers, so the questions will be relevant plus you will get to learn something new – and it only takes 15 minutes!

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Chupamobile presents Hallmark’s Maxine’s Snack Attack

Chupamobile is proud to publish the first game under licensing agreement with Hallmark, the world’s best-known greeting card brand!

Maxine, Hallmark’s beloved character now has her very own mobile game. If you haven’t met her yet, Maxine arrived on the scene 30 years ago — created by John Wagner for Hallmark’s edgy, hilarious card line, Shoebox Greetings. She’s the queen of crabbiness, but people love her and keep coming back for more.

Maxine’s Snack Attack is a Match 3 food-themed game that features 100 challenging levels and laugh-out-loud quotes — guaranteed to entertain for hours.

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Top SDKs used by Pokémon Go

Nobody can deny that Pokémon Go is a huge success. Since its launch on July 6th, the game has achieved record-breaking numbers and engaged a vast number of users. (Click here to learn more about this).

On this list you can find the best SDKs used by Niantic on their top-charting game. Take a look at the main advantages provided by these tools and see if they can benefit your apps as well!

For Analytics:


Upsight allows developers and publishers of any size to access  a free analytics solution with unlimited data storage and MAU. The company combines the previous offerings of Kontagent and PlayHaven to offer an analytics and marketing platform with a single SDK and a unified dashboard.

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Pokémon Go: Top 10 Records

It’s official. Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm! Since its launch on July 6th, the game that combines geo location and augmented reality has already become a cultural phenomenon.

Originally launched in 1996, Pokémon was a huge hit twenty years ago. Now, millenials who lived the first Pokémon craze are enjoying the nostalgia for the original game and going crazy over the mobile version.

Check out what happens when a rare Pokémon shows up at Central Park!

Pokémon Go invites its users to travel between the real and virtual worlds to catch as many Pokémon as they can. Unlike previous top mobile games, users need to travel around their neighborhood in order to play. Don’t be alarmed if you run into groups of gamers viciously staring at their phones in the nearest Pokéstop. After all, they just gotta catch ‘em all!

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The Optimal Use of Social Media for Mobile App Marketing

Sometimes even after researching your target audience, you still feel there is a disconnect between your product and your audience on social media. You might feel your app is ready, but marketing your app is crucial. And many developers fail to crack the code in this regard.

Many marketers are at loss to explain how mobile advertising (like in-app ads) would work with their app. If you have a minimal budget and limited resources, it is even more essential to take advantage of the benefits of social media.

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The 10 Craziest (But Real) Motivations To Launch An App

The State of the Developer Nation Q1 2015 Study by Mobile Vision defines 8 main motivations for launching an app, from building a money-maker business to reaching self achievement and fun. All this data is extremely interesting but, to say it better… our list is a bit longer. Our belief is that an app can be created regardless of what the thought behind the idea was. If you are producing an app just to make money, great. If you are building a gaming app, that is great too. But lets say you wanted to build an app that tracks the migration patterns of turkeys….what? This is what gets us excited. We thrive on creating the most unique apps with the most unusual requests.

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Why We Can’t Live Without Our Apps (And How You Can Profit From This!)

Apps have become a big part of our mobile world . The average person has around 10-15 apps on their smartphone or mobile device (-> Tweet this!) at any given time ranging from business related syncing apps and scanners, to addictive game apps that can be played anywhere and everywhere from the palm of your hand to diet and quit smoking support apps.

Aside from the need to obsessively check our Facebook or Twitter accounts from our mobile devices, apps have catapulted from engaging games and programs to fiddle with on your smartphone or mobile device in your spare time to a necessary staple to conduct business with.

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First Apple Watch Apps Begin Showing Up In The App Store

Though Apple Watch will be released next April 24, Apple Watch apps are beginning to show up on the App Store. Some of the apps selected by Apple to be compatible with the new device started to hit the Store yesterday as updates of already existing apps like Twitter, Things, Target, Dark Sky, or Sky Guide.

This first set of third-party Apple Watch apps has been clearly chosen for the promotion of the first Apple Watches that will be available in the Apple Store for next April 10. Actually, most developers working on Apple Watch apps still cannot submit their specific updates.

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Unity 5 Global Launch Announced at GDC 2015 + Blacksmith Video

They have just announced it at the 2015 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco: Unity 5 game engine is now available globally for all game developers out there. That’s exciting news for devs but also for gamers and app entrepreneurs.

Some of the new features introduced by Unity Technologies in this new version will notably change the 3D gaming panorama and allow indie developers and agencies make even more realistic games. The engine update contains “massive graphics improvements and an expanded editor feature set.” Graphically, the engine now has physically based shading, “real-time global illumination with Enlighten, and reflection probes.”

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Best App Templates Of the Week – Last Week Of January

Are you struggling to guess which app will be the next hit in the app stores? Worry no more, we are here with the most promising app templates of the week. Get inspired, set your goal and launch your app.

iOS App Templates

aa Nodes

A fun arcade iOS game easily customizable! The gameplay features several levels with increasing speed and game difficulty.  Four skin colors available: black, blue, pink and yellow.Among the included features you’ll find: share and rate options, increasing difficulty and level selection, sound on/off button and iAds advertising to help you boost your revenues.

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