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First Apple Watch Apps Begin Showing Up In The App Store

Though Apple Watch will be released next April 24, Apple Watch apps are beginning to show up on the App Store. Some of the apps selected by Apple to be compatible with the new device started to hit the Store yesterday as updates of already existing apps like Twitter, Things, Target, Dark Sky, or Sky Guide.

This first set of third-party Apple Watch apps has been clearly chosen for the promotion of the first Apple Watches that will be available in the Apple Store for next April 10. Actually, most developers working on Apple Watch apps still cannot submit their specific updates.

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Dubsmash App: The New Selfie (That Everybody Loves)

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months, its more than likely that you have heard of the video selfie/messaging app, Dubsmash. And if you’re like the other 20million+ people out there, you have it on your iPhone or Android phone already.

The New Selfie

Whether you are the self-appointed clown in your group of friends, or if you want to take your selfies to the next level, the Dubsmash app has become a social media and communication staple. A simple yet addictively fun concept, that rapidly blossomed into a viral sensation.

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New Top App and Game Templates for iOS and Android! [3rd week of March]

So many incredible Templates for iOS and Android have been released this week! 2City, perfect to create events; 3D Card Battle RPG, to fight against your friends and Slots 777 Vegas, a non-stop slot machine to measure your luck!

This time, it is really hard to choose!

iOS App Templates

2City – Event App

Launch your event and party App Template today with awesome features designed to give your users an awesome night experience! It has an intuitive admin panel, web checkout to integrate payment gateway, social sharing, Uber connection and push notifications via Parse!

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8 Kids App Templates Built To Boost Monetization

It’s Child’s Play to Make Money from These Great Kids App Templates

Kids love apps, and so do parents. Whether you’re on a long car journey, or in a busy restaurant, or you just want a rare five minutes peace, one of the best things you can do is let your child learn by using an app specifically designed for them. Developers know this, which is why kids apps are big business, but the smart and savvy developers know that the quickest way to get a great kids app up there for download is to use a great app template. Here, we show you some of the best app templates for kids available for purchase from Chupamobile.

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Six Top App and Game Templates for iOS and Android (2nd Week of March)

This week we have an awesome Action Game Template ready to be reskinned and launched on the App Stores: Tower Defense! Additionally, don’t miss the new Dating Apps, Social Networks and Location-based Apps that have just arrived in our catalog!

App or Game? Which one will you launch next? Below, you’ll find the best app and game templates of the week!

Multiplatform App Templates

Tower Defense Game for iOS and Android

Built in Cocos2d, it supports both iOS and Android. Tower Defense is an awesome Game that costs more than $30,000 to implement! It has been built to boost revenues: Chartboost, Vungle, Flurry and 3 in-app purchases are integrated.

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Best Apps and Games of the First Week of March

We are sure you are going to love the App and Game Templates we have selected for your portfolio this week! Social networks, Top Ranked Games and much more!

Take a look and pick yours!

iOS App Templates

Peekee for iOS

This is an anonymous location-based photo-sharing community. Features: No sign-up needed, share images anonymously, upvote or downvote posts, add captions to images, see what is being shared around. Users can also set a location if they don’t want to use GPS.

iOS – SpeedTracker

A Swift App Template to help users track the speed of their car, bike and even bus!

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Best App and Game Templates Of the Week – Fourth Week of February

This week our catalog has been literally filled with a lot of amazing Game Templates for iOS, Android and Unity – a wide selection to choose from! So, if you are a #gamelover as we are, do not miss the six Best Templates of the week!

iOS App and Game Templates

Trampoline Jump for iOS

This is a physics-based trampoline game entirely written in Swift! Game Center leaderboard is integrated, and many monetization ways have been thought to make you monetize: in-app purchases to unlock characters, Chartboost interstitial and AdMob banner ads!

iOS – CoreHeart

A Swift App Template to detect the user’s heart rate. Downloaded more than 500,000 times!

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Time to Kill? Create an App That Makes It More Fun!

Whether you’re waiting for a train, plane or lift at home, chances are you’ll be found, bored, fiddling with your phone. Whether you’re checking Facebook or looking for something to read online, you’re probably likely to have at least one or two time killing apps sitting there for times like this. From the funny, to the downright addictive, selling time killing apps is a really good way to kill some time you may have on your hands, and with some of the great app templates around, it doesn’t take long to get started. Here we look at some of the top time killing app templates from Chupamobile that you can use to make some serious income, and it’ll still leave you some time to kill!

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Best App and Game Templates Of the Week – Third Week of February

Wow! This week we have published so many awesome app and game templates! It has been extremely difficult to choose the 6 best products among all of them but, here they are!

iOS App Templates

Photo Stitch for iOS

Apply filters, stickers and doodles to your collages and share it in Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Features: 4 free starter packs (backgrounds, borders, doodles and quotes), 244 free collages. To monetize: 15 in-app purchase packs and Applovin integrated!

iOS – Block Up!

A simple and challenging tap game! Chartboost, AdMob and IAP to remove ads are included!

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Best App Templates Of the Week – Second Week of February

Don’t underestimate your power, here are six reasons to help you make it to the Top Charts! For you, we have selected the best App Templates of the week!

Place your bet!

iOS App Templates

Mini Fat Heroes for iOS

A dive-bombing game, taught in a way to engage users the maximum! Features: 10 characters (5 free – 5 purchasable), Facebook and Twitter sharings, Game Center leaderboard and rate button. To monetize, AdMob, Chartboost and in-app purchases are integrated!

Super Stunt Bird – iOS 8 64-bit Ready

This utterly addictive game has 45 levels, Playhaven, Xplode and Chartboost to monetize!

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