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How to Build a Mobile App with no Programming Experience

Today, anybody can have an idea for an app, but can somebody without technical skills build an app? The answer is “yes.”

A few years ago, you would have needed coding skills or a big budget to develop and launch an app or a game on the app stores. Those days are over. Affordable alternatives are conquering the market and creating a new paradigm for app development.

If you are one of those ‘idea people’ who would like to build a mobile app or game, this article will introduce the best options that don’t require coding skills. It’s easier than you think!

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The Easiest Way To KickStart Your App Business

The gaming industry is growing and evolving rapidly. For today’s generation of gamers, there is an increasing amount of options and possibilities. Mobile gaming is taking the market by storm by increasing familiarity with game connectivity on portable devices, while still meeting the graphic and entertainment needs of the gaming consumer. It is through mobile gaming that developer’s deliver fun, exciting titles that give game enthusiasts hours of entertainment for a fraction of the cost of the expensive console and computer games.

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UI Graphic Assets Now Available On Chupamobile

Our marketplace changes but our goal doesn’t: we want to provide you all you need to create and monetize awesome Apps and Games, saving you time, money and effort.

We already have the most amazing catalog of App and Game Templates and, now, we are building the most incredible catalog of – drumroll – UI Graphic Assets!

UI is a vital part of Apps and Games. Did you know that graphics make up 60% of a Game? Graphics drive gameplay, graphics make user experience (good or bad)! Are you ready to know more? Let’s go!

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Time to Kill? Create an App That Makes It More Fun!

Whether you’re waiting for a train, plane or lift at home, chances are you’ll be found, bored, fiddling with your phone. Whether you’re checking Facebook or looking for something to read online, you’re probably likely to have at least one or two time killing apps sitting there for times like this. From the funny, to the downright addictive, selling time killing apps is a really good way to kill some time you may have on your hands, and with some of the great app templates around, it doesn’t take long to get started. Here we look at some of the top time killing app templates from Chupamobile that you can use to make some serious income, and it’ll still leave you some time to kill!

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6 App Reskinning Fundamentals That People Forget

When I launched my first app, Mustache Bash, back in April 2012, I used what was then a little-known technique to get approximately 100,000 downloads in less than 48 hours for free.

After the app was approved, I set the price as $1.99 and published it. I then emailed, texted, and called friends and family, and asked them to download Mustache Bash and leave a review. Within a day or two, the app had over 20 reviews.

These activities set the stage for the technique I mentioned earlier: about a week after launch, I dropped the price from $1.99 to free, and all of the app review sites that track price drops for four- and five-star apps took notice and put up posts about Mustache Bash.

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Score Some Extra Earnings With The Best Football App Templates

There’s not a household in the country that doesn’t have at least football fan in it, and the love of the game keeps us all enthralled when the World Cup or Premier League reaches its climax. We can’t attend every game though, and it’s frustrating when you can’t find out what’s going on in the football whilst you’re out and about, so many of us turn to checking the scores on our phones.

If you’re a developer that wants in on a bit of the football related actions, then you can create your own live score apps with some of the great templates. With that in mind, we look at some football live score app templates and what they have to offer.

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Developer Must Have: Location App Templates

Location based apps are huge money spinners for developers as they can easily drive downloads. However, coming up with an app takes time and effort and it’s not a bad idea to have a look at what’s out there before you spend an age developing and testing a new app. If you’re savvy enough to know a way round the time consuming process of getting an app developed, you’re likely to be first off the blocks when it comes to making money; and the clever developers these days are turning to app templates, which can be customized to your requirements and then launched quickly, increasing your earning power. With that in mind, we look at some solid location based app templates that could see you making money quickly, wherever you are!

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Who’s The Smartest? Make Your Own Quiz App To Test Your Friends

Everyone has a competitive side, and it’s easy to see why quiz apps appeal to the general app market. It’s fun to test your own knowledge and that of your friends and family, and if you can develop a quiz app that works well, is coded well, and has some really good features, there’s money to be made. However, you don’t need to start from scratch when building a quiz app, and here’s where you can make a very clever choice. Take a look at these app templates for quiz games, and you could be smarter, and richer than all of your friends!

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Single And Multiple App License: What’s The Difference?

We’ve been often receiving mails from our users asking us about the difference between purchasing a single app license and a multiple one; because of that, we’ve decided to write an article on it so that whenever you have a doubt you’ll be able to come back to this post and clear your mind.

First of all, what’s an app license?

As you know on Chupamobile you’ll be able to find thousands of app templates of every kind. If you want to save a lot of time and money in developing an app, the best thing to do is purchase an app template. When you buy a template you obviously don’t buy the app itself but only the license to use it for customization purposes.

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5 Steps To A Successful UX And UI In Mobile

Today’s article was written by one of our iOS developer, Sebastian Dobrincu, creator of many apps among which Flatic , a full iOS blog application, with a great user interface and backend. With his experience in app development, Sebastian will guide you through 5 steps to a successful UX and UI in mobile.

Before we get started, let’s take a look at the definitions of both.

UI stands for ‘user-interface’ and it’s defined as ‘the space where interactions between humans and machines occur’. On the other side, UX, short for ‘user-experience’ is the ‘user’s overall satisfaction level when using your product’.

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