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7 Sure Shot Ways to Create Highly Effective Mobile UX Design

As far as native mobile app UI design is concerned, you never have too many options. Naturally, smaller device screens and less attentive audience requires your mobile UI design to be fast paced, easy to notice and least cumbersome.

How to get it right with all these attributes? Well, here are 7 sure shot ways to create highly effective mobile UX design.

1. Stick to the rules of interactive design

You have less screen space, right? But who says that it prevents you from following the principles of interaction design? Well, actually it is essential to stick to interaction design principles to mobile screens.

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6 Tools to Help You Monitor Your App’s Reputation

Managing your app’s online reputation is a huge part of app marketing. You have to monitor what people are saying about your app and carefully respond. Knowing what people are saying about you and your brand is a great indication of the health of your company.

Customers easily share positive and negative impressions of apps on social media. That’s why keeping regular communications with your app’s audience is one of the most important factors when it comes to reputation management.

While it’s quite easy to monitor what people say about your app from your Facebook page, you can’t always learn what’s being said in other places around the internet at this very moment.

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Proven Strategies for Successful App Content Marketers In 2016

Any business, supported by the online presence, aims at driving more ROI with the implementation of different strategies. Maintaining the cordial relationships and being in a regular interaction with the customers are also the parts of the brand building and marketing. Now the question arises ‘how to interact with the customers and target audience’. Placing the high-quality content over different platforms on the web is a good move in terms of being noticeable among the target audience.

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Find the best mobile Ad Networks for your App

With so many mobile ad networks available in the market, selecting the right option for your app may not always be an easy task.

Although it may be tempting to find a unanimous response to the question “what is the best mobile ad network out there?”, keep in mind that there is no such thing. The reason certain ad networks claim to be better than others is their specific abilities of serving the right ads to the right people at the right time. Nonetheless, different ad networks will work better with certain types or app, depending on their structure, traffic and target audience.

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How do free apps make money? Choose the perfect monetization strategy for your app!

Free apps do make money! This is something that we should bear in mind. The right question is: how do they make money?

Recently, two companies specialized in mobile app revenue and intelligence have joined forces in a thorough study of the app industry economy, analyzing data produced directly by the app stores. Their research has revealed some fascinating figures regarding developers’ earnings, which can shed some light on market tendencies and monetization strategies. Here are some interesting finds:

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Avoid These 6 Mobile App Design Mistakes to Build your Successful App

We live in a world where using a smartphone is almost as common as drinking water. People today can’t imagine living without a mobile phone. But mobile phones are popular for one reason: the many exciting apps they provide you.

Ideally, an app developer builds an app and others download it because of the fascinating features it provides. But many apps fail to get traction in the market because of faulty design or app functionality.

This post has been written to teach you what general design mistakes app developers do.

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Mobile Apps and Big Data – Combo of the Future?

The days when mobile users were seen as the future of accessing web content are long behind us. It has been almost two years since mobile users took over PC users when it comes to Internet use. One of the results of such a huge number of people using their mobile phones all the time is the immense amount of data that is being used by mobile users.

This brings us to the other constituent of our Combo of the Future – Big Data.

What is Big Data?

The jury is still out on what exactly big data is. Namely, there is no final and true definition of the word. In essence, big data is a set of data which meets three attributes starting with “V” – volume, velocity and variety. In other words, big data is huge, the information is varied and it is obtained quickly.

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8 Top UX Design Steps to Build an App

A constellation of factors make an app successful. But user experience (UX) holds the 1° position of most influential factor. The vast majority of popular apps offer unmistakably great UX.

UX is not an element that can be chosen from various ready-made options. Here are 8 highly effective and time-honored steps to build an app with a UX design that results in increased user engagement and conversion.

Know your audience

Have you researched your target audience? Are you confident that you know the diverse user persona destined to use your app? Knowing your audience is the first step any app developer should consider, and it should be done long before the UX design sketch begins. You should create several user personas from the target market segment your app is addressing, and try to make a UX strategy that meets their expectations.

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The Biggest Mistakes of Mobile App Marketing, and How Your Company Can Navigate Them

Mobile app marketing has soared in recent years. Today, business marketers are engaging audiences at unprecedented levels with distribution, support and incredible features. In 2015, 83 percent of marketers considered mobile apps vital to their content marketing strategy. An even higher percentage of consumer time spent on mobile is dedicated to app use.

While mobile apps are, indeed, incredible marketing tools, they require a lot of effort to launch. Unfortunately, too many marketers fall into the many pitfalls of app creation, branding and promotion. Mobile app marketing strategies are integral to an overall business platform—and your brand deserves total cohesion as it rolls out great features.

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Mobile App Monetization: Seven Time-Tested Strategies

While the number of apps just surpassed 3M (combined iOS and Android), 93% of mobile apps are downloaded for free. But sadly, only a handful of free apps actually make enough money to sustain a business. Well, most paid apps do not find enough users to sustain a business either. Offering a mix of both worlds (partly paid and partly free), however, can give you a better chance to succeed.  This also cannot guarantee success. Besides subscription numbers, there are too many other things that can contribute to make your app a hit or flop.

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