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The Small Businesses’ App World

Mobile apps have dominated the tech world for quite some time now, but ever more so in these past few years. There is an app for almost everything under the sun! One of the sectors that benefit the most from this is the business sector, especially small businesses and start-ups. Apps aid businessmen who are constantly on the go, allowing them to complete tasks virtually even if they are miles away from their office desks. The assistance that these apps can provide for businessmen cover a wide range of areas, here are some of them.

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App For Your Business: Retail Store

The retail industry is one of the fastest growing and ever changing industries out there, and in 2013 it was estimated that the online retail industry is worth over $115 bn. Competition is tough, and only the ones who keep innovating can make it. One of the main technological aspects you should have ingrained in your company is an app. If you haven’t already got one, then you are falling dramatically behind your competition. There are many reasons why a retail industry needs an app, ranging from improving communication to keeping your customers up to date. We will explore these in further detail and then tell you of a cheap, easy way of getting started with an app.

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Apps For Productivity: Small Businesses

Apps tailored to various businesses are becoming increasingly popular, as many small business owners are taking advantage of having the tools needed to make their jobs easier right at their fingertips. Niche apps are available for almost any business that you could think of, and in most niches, there are a multitude of apps available to serve different functions within that niche market.

Apps for Plumbers

Let’s face it, everyone at some point in their life needs a plumber. And if you’ve ever seen the amount of paperwork that comes with being a plumber, then you can understand why they would welcome some apps to help them along the way. Popular apps for plumbing include a work order app that comes complete with a checklist and dispatch. Basically, those that work within that plumbing company can all see which orders are in the queue and still need done, as well as details about what needs handled at the job site, all from their phone app. Another popular app is a field service estimator app, which allows the plumber at the job to enter information into their app, and calculate a rough estimate while still on site. Both of these apps can make the life of a plumber much easier and allow him to get the job done faster.

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Make Money On The Side With App Reskinning

Hi, I’m Ryan Relf and today I will show you how you can make money with app reskinning. There are several different models that can be used to generate income with app reskinning. The most common method is to buy a source code – reskin the app – add a few different features- submit the app to the app store – try to generate income and if no income is received move on to the next. This can be a great model for anyone that is new to this business but what if there was a better way to gain leverage and control the amount of money that you make in the app business?

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App For Your Business: Why Your Restaurant Needs An App

At the break of the 20th century, mobile phones and technology have revolutionised the way we live our lives. Thanks to our smartphones, we are able to do so much more than we ever thought of just 50 years ago. Now, you can use it for fitness and health, games, emails, productivity and much more. This is highly advantageous for many businesses, and with smartphone technology, there’s no excuse for exclusion. To beat your competitors and enhance your presence as a business, the use of a mobile phone has never been so important. With social media, it has become increasingly imperative to create a strong online presence, and let’s face it; you’re not always going to be connected to a computer, hence reaffirming the importance of a mobile phone in our daily lives.

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