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Why Being Better isn’t Always Best

As it turns out, those cliché posters you see are right: “Be yourself and good things will happen.” At least it’s true in the mobile app market these days.

Instead of improving on the same common formula, try creating something completely different. Creating apps that are ingeniously different and uniquely creative can be a game changer. With 2015 ending soon, it’s time to implement some strategies to make 2016 your best year yet!

Why does focusing on creating something different have an advantage over always being better?

The short answer is, more times than not, trying to become better than your competition is more expensive than being different. Being different for the right reasons evens the playing field and connects with the aspect of human nature that wants to be trendy. The app world is a unique marketplace where the indie developer can actually compete with huge gaming studios, often with more profitability and creative opportunities. The big studios may have more resources, but with  more resources usually comes more red tape. Large overhead and constant pressure to produce similarly themed apps that are congruent with the company’s brand can kill great ideas. It can also slow down reaction time to market trends in the app stores. A smaller game studio or indie developer has fewer restrictions and more room to grow ideas faster and naturally. In the instantaneous world of social media, even the smallest ideas can become overnight successes.

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