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The Easiest Way To KickStart Your App Business

The gaming industry is growing and evolving rapidly. For today’s generation of gamers, there is an increasing amount of options and possibilities. Mobile gaming is taking the market by storm by increasing familiarity with game connectivity on portable devices, while still meeting the graphic and entertainment needs of the gaming consumer. It is through mobile gaming that developer’s deliver fun, exciting titles that give game enthusiasts hours of entertainment for a fraction of the cost of the expensive console and computer games.

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Why We Can’t Live Without Our Apps (And How You Can Profit From This!)

Apps have become a big part of our mobile world . The average person has around 10-15 apps on their smartphone or mobile device (-> Tweet this!) at any given time ranging from business related syncing apps and scanners, to addictive game apps that can be played anywhere and everywhere from the palm of your hand to diet and quit smoking support apps.

Aside from the need to obsessively check our Facebook or Twitter accounts from our mobile devices, apps have catapulted from engaging games and programs to fiddle with on your smartphone or mobile device in your spare time to a necessary staple to conduct business with.

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First Apple Watch Apps Begin Showing Up In The App Store

Though Apple Watch will be released next April 24, Apple Watch apps are beginning to show up on the App Store. Some of the apps selected by Apple to be compatible with the new device started to hit the Store yesterday as updates of already existing apps like Twitter, Things, Target, Dark Sky, or Sky Guide.

This first set of third-party Apple Watch apps has been clearly chosen for the promotion of the first Apple Watches that will be available in the Apple Store for next April 10. Actually, most developers working on Apple Watch apps still cannot submit their specific updates.

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8 Kids App Templates Built To Boost Monetization

It’s Child’s Play to Make Money from These Great Kids App Templates

Kids love apps, and so do parents. Whether you’re on a long car journey, or in a busy restaurant, or you just want a rare five minutes peace, one of the best things you can do is let your child learn by using an app specifically designed for them. Developers know this, which is why kids apps are big business, but the smart and savvy developers know that the quickest way to get a great kids app up there for download is to use a great app template. Here, we show you some of the best app templates for kids available for purchase from Chupamobile.

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Unity 5 Global Launch Announced at GDC 2015 + Blacksmith Video

They have just announced it at the 2015 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco: Unity 5 game engine is now available globally for all game developers out there. That’s exciting news for devs but also for gamers and app entrepreneurs.

Some of the new features introduced by Unity Technologies in this new version will notably change the 3D gaming panorama and allow indie developers and agencies make even more realistic games. The engine update contains “massive graphics improvements and an expanded editor feature set.” Graphically, the engine now has physically based shading, “real-time global illumination with Enlighten, and reflection probes.”

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App Monetization Strategy: A Chat with Adam Ben-David from Supersonic

I know most of you are concerned about the best ways to monetize your app portfolio and boost your revenues: in-app purchases, banners, interstitials, sharing tools… the choice is wide! But when you have to decide your app monetization strategy, mobile ad networks are probably the most important part. Today I have the chance to talk with an Industry expert, someone who is inside the mobile advertising world and who will solve all our doubts around it.

Let me introduce you to Adam Ben-David, Head of Developer Operations at the international in-app monetization and user acquisition platform Supersonic. I’m sure many of you already know this Company; Supersonic is one of the most powerful advertising technology stacks for mobile apps in the World, used by developers like EA and others across more than 200 countries. Let’s start!

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Best App Templates Of the Week – First Week of February

We start February with a lot of new templates listed on our website: iOS, Android, Unity and Corona items ready to be customized and launched on the app stores.

For this first week, we have made a selection of the best 6 new app and game templates. Are you ready to see them? Here they are:

iOS App Templates

Birdy Bird

A top-selling app with an endless gameplay. Everything is customizable via the easy-to-use configuration files. Features: it supports the main social media networks, Gamecenter, background music and sound effects. Four ad networks integrated and “Gems” in-app purchases to be collected during the game!

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Best Swing Copters Source Code: A Chat With The Developer

There is an new game template on Chupamobile that is having super success amongst our community, have you already guessed which it is? Right, I’m talking about Swinging Copters, an A+ source code that follows the trend of the last Dong Nguyen’s hit, Swing Copters.

We had the chance to interview its developer, Harsh Rajat, part of the 3magicshots team. It is the first app template they published – yesterday! – on Chupamobile and they have already made incredible high revenues in only 24 hours. Want to see how a top app development team works (and succeeds)? All the details in the interview below!

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Why Food Delivery Businesses Should Have Their Own App

Who doesn’t want to double (sometimes triple) their sales volume? This is an excellent reason to make your app if you have a food service business. I am talking about who has a restaurant, a pizzeria, a sushi bar, a cafeteria, a small market, an ice cream parlor, a pastry shop, a bakery, anybody who could deliver their food or have it ordered for pick up.

This message is also useful to those developers who need to make an app for a food delivery business manager. You will be able to save a lot of time but mostly to make a lot more money.

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Google’s Project Tango Is Coming Next Year

Where Google I/O 2014 held the interest of many and the Google keynote became an event of anticipation for the developers and users, among other revelations the Google keynote at Google I/O 2014 also addressed about the Project Tango tablet, which has been announced to be released by next year.

Project Tango has taken to developers’ fancy and has become one of the most anticipated releases after Google I/O 2014. Project Tango lead, Johnny Lee exhibited a demo of the tablet at this year’s Google keynote taking the crowd in awe by the real time 3D mapping and augmented reality games technology that the smart-device is supposed to be equipped with.

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