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Best App Templates Of the Week – Last Week Of January

Are you struggling to guess which app will be the next hit in the app stores? Worry no more, we are here with the most promising app templates of the week. Get inspired, set your goal and launch your app.

iOS App Templates

aa Nodes

A fun arcade iOS game easily customizable! The gameplay features several levels with increasing speed and game difficulty.  Four skin colors available: black, blue, pink and yellow.Among the included features you’ll find: share and rate options, increasing difficulty and level selection, sound on/off button and iAds advertising to help you boost your revenues.

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Finish – The Perfect App To Get Any Project Done

How many times have you failed to complete a specific task before a certain deadline? Even if you know it’s very important you still can’t manage to get it done. Part of the reason why we can’t seem to get anything done is because we suffer from procrastination on a daily basis. It’s also because we simply forget the things that must be done, but thanks to one very special app, you don’t need to worry about that anymore.

The Finish app – your personal task manager

With the help of the Finish app all your problems will disappear for good. It’s the ultimate to-do-list on steroids and once you look under the hood you’ll see how powerful it can be, especially to those who need a constant push to get anything done. If you were to tell someone how it works in the simplest way possible you would tell them it’s an app that will let them throw in every single task they need to complete so they all get done on time.

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7 Essential Utility App Templates

These days, almost everybody leads a hectic and busy lifestyle, which is why it is useful to have whatever help we can get in order to make our busy lives a little easier and more enjoyable. Mobile phones are no longer a luxury but rather a necessity these days. These perform a lot of functions and are also equipped with apps that make our life easier. If you’re looking at developing apps, there are a few great app templates that will enable you to bring out a utility app that not only looks good, but will perform well, ensuring your customers have nothing but good things to say about your app. Why not take a look at the app templates below and see what you could make of them.

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48hrs Flash Sale: Get One Pic One Word At 71% Off!

This is really a “no-brainer” offer! One of the most popular Android Game Template on the Chupamobile Marketplace is now 71% off. This is your only chance to get it for just $29!

Over 100 customers and 150 applications already used this template! Why? Because it’s the perfect starter kit to develop a picture based quizz app.

What does it have to offer? Google in-app purchases, Chartboost & AdMob integration, Multilanguage support, Facebook integration and much more to increase your app monetization!

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Google Play vs Apple Store Apps: Is Google Taking Over?

The Apple App Store success started back in 2008 when with just 500 apps was able acquire millions of downloads in the first few days. This success obviously came alongside with the company’s various iPhone releases.

However, today, reports say that the Apple App Store is threatened from the top of the crop, and it seems that Google Play is taking over its popularity.

Here comes a contender

The challenger, Android, notoriously became Apple’s ultimate rival and according to the data provided by App Annie, an app analytics company, Google Play’s massive worldwide downloads were 60 percent higher than downloads from the iOS App Store over the last three months of 2014. However, last year’s third quarter explicitly shows Apple App Store’s revenue higher by 60 percent as compared to Google Play’s revenue. This is due to the fact that Apple holds sway over its premium market of consumers who can afford the more expensive iPhones, and those who don’t mind paying for apps or in-app purchases. On the other hand, Android caters to a vast number of consumers globally, ranging from those who own cheap smartphones to high end devices supporting Android. It’s no surprise that there are more free apps available on Android than iOS.

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Rumor Has It – iPhone 6S And Big Changes In iOS9?

Details about specifications of Apple’s new iPhone 6S have recently been floating around the Internet. You might think it’s pretty early, but well, aren’t you curious?

The 6S is expected to contain 2GB of LPDDR4 RAM. Not only do the iPhones 6 and 6 Plus only have 1GB, they use the same LPDDR3 memory hardware that is used in most high-end Android smartphones, meaning the LDDR4 memory is twice as fast as LPDDR3, so this is a very significant advance in the 6S specs. The better RAM is going to come at a higher price, of course, so that leads to the immediate question of what Apple has in store for us in iOS9 that can take advantage of what is basically a quadrupling in performance with twice as much RAM that is twice as fast. Certainly it would seem to indicate that iOS9 will not involve just a minor tweak in the way of iOS8, but rather a major technological advance more in line with the iOS7 release.

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15 Tips To Help You Sell And Engage More With Your App

Successful apps are characterized by a set of common traits but only two of these truly determine the success of an app: its ability to drive downloads and its engagement.

Building an app is not synonymous of success. The first thing every aspiring appreneur should understand is the difference between promoting an app and influencing new users to get their app. Obviously the second option is the way to go; users need to have a clear idea of what you are selling and that, should close the deal.

Now that we have this basic principle in mind, let’s take a look at 15 ways to boost your app’s downloads and engagement.

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Easy, Fun And Attractive Photo Editing App Templates

Are you looking for an app with a simple design that will not eat up most of your precious time, yet has great features and high success opportunities? We’ve got what you need.

Millions of users worldwide use more their smartphones than a camera to capture photographs. If you want to tap into this potential market of photo editing apps, then there are templates that you can use to make the process easier and faster. We’ve gathered juts for you the best photo editing app templates. Why not look at developing one for your customers?

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48hrs Flash Sale: Get Yip Yap Pro At 66% Off!

Opportunities like this don’t come around often. This is your chance to get a top app template at 66% off! Yes, you heard right! I’m talking about Yip Yap Pro, the ultimate social network template for iOS!

What’s so special about this app? All its users can join the conversation by posting and sharing pictures, comments and videos with their friends. Oh, and did I mention that the app is for sharing self-destructing content? This adds just the perfect amount of fun and excitement! The users can engage with it by upvoting or downvoting posts and see what other people around are posting.

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The Latest Mobile App Usage Trends

According to the year-end report on mobile trends released by Flurry (a mobile analytics firm owned by Yahoo), mobile app usage has continued to escalate in the last 12 months, recording a significant growth. The overall app usage grew by 76% in 2014 and top app categories including Utilities, Productivity, Messaging and Shopping experienced a triple-digit growth, contributing significantly to the overall increased usage of mobile apps.

Are we using our smartphones more for organization?

As mobile gadgets become more and more a part of consumers’ everyday life, they are increasingly using them for not only communication but also for shopping and working. Smartphone users opened more Utilities & Productivity apps in 2014, establishing that mobile gadgets and tablets have become essential devices that enable people to be productive and keep their lives organized. Throughout the year, the company tracked over 2 trillion app sessions, with a daily session recording taking place on the last day of the year when 8.5 billion sessions were recorded as consumers celebrated the New Year’s Eve.

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