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Author : Keval Padia


7 Sure Shot Ways to Create Highly Effective Mobile UX Design

As far as native mobile app UI design is concerned, you never have too many options. Naturally, smaller device screens and less attentive audience requires your mobile UI design to be fast paced, easy to notice and least cumbersome.

How to get it right with all these attributes? Well, here are 7 sure shot ways to create highly effective mobile UX design.

1. Stick to the rules of interactive design

You have less screen space, right? But who says that it prevents you from following the principles of interaction design? Well, actually it is essential to stick to interaction design principles to mobile screens.

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9 Mobile Gaming Trends That will Rock 2016

With new technologies evolving and new gaming environments booming, you can expect a new game design and game development trend every other day. With the fast-paced evolution of mobile games, it is difficult to assess which trends will take the lead and which will be left in the dust Mobile gaming will continue to grow, leaving behind gaming consoles. Expect a lot of action in mobile gaming in the future.

Mobile game developers earned an estimated $30 billion of revenue last year alone. According to latest prediction, by 2018, this figure is likely to get past a whopping $45 billion in revenue. The continuing, massive growth of mobile gaming will get a boost from new game engines, enhanced device features, and improvement in animation, graphic output, and simulation technology. Each year a bevy of new trends and innovations drive the mobile gaming experience forward, and 2016 will be no different. Here are our 9 mobile gaming trends that will rock 2016.

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Most Important Design Principles for Apple Watch Apps

Designing apps for Apple Watch is the new design challenge for iOS designers and developers because the smaller screen of this new platform has more constraints for user interaction. The Apple Watch is still a new and challenging frontier that requires having in-depth knowledge of the dynamics and visual challenges of creating a winning user experience.

Basic Aspects of Apple Watch UI

It is important to know that most Apple Watch apps are merely slimmer, slicker, and in some cases stripped down versions of traditional iOS apps made for iPhone and iPad devices.  Most Apple Watch apps are far from independent, and they only work in conjunction with their mobile apps that are used in the connected iPhone or iPad.

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Mobile App Monetization: Seven Time-Tested Strategies

While the number of apps just surpassed 3M (combined iOS and Android), 93% of mobile apps are downloaded for free. But sadly, only a handful of free apps actually make enough money to sustain a business. Well, most paid apps do not find enough users to sustain a business either. Offering a mix of both worlds (partly paid and partly free), however, can give you a better chance to succeed.  This also cannot guarantee success. Besides subscription numbers, there are too many other things that can contribute to make your app a hit or flop.

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The Optimal Use of Social Media for Mobile App Marketing

Sometimes even after researching your target audience, you still feel there is a disconnect between your product and your audience on social media. You might feel your app is ready, but marketing your app is crucial. And many developers fail to crack the code in this regard.

Many marketers are at loss to explain how mobile advertising (like in-app ads) would work with their app. If you have a minimal budget and limited resources, it is even more essential to take advantage of the benefits of social media.

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