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3 Easy Ways to Monetize Messaging Apps

Communication is an ever-changing process, especially when it comes to mobile messaging apps.

Remember when we used texting? It’s no longer a thing, and if you want to make Millennials or Generation Z laugh, tell them about it. What is really on a roll these days is messaging. And messaging apps are actually overtaking social media as the primary way we communicate online

Because these two generations are about to become customers (or they already are), we should focus on reaching them.

Messaging Apps Are Overtaking Texting

Since the fall of texting, a large number of chat apps have emerged, and the fact is that we rarely use just one of them.

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4 Mobile App Development Trends That Will Keep Developers Busy In 2016 And Beyond

The past couple of years have been very important in terms of innovations in the world of mobile. From phenomenal gadgets such as fitness trackers, Google Glass, Apple Watch, Android Wear and other wearables, to technologies such as cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IOT), it seems like mobile technology industry is certainly going in for a drastic makeover.

The app development sector in particular, is heading towards a huge transformation due to various trends. These trends are already dictating app development at present and will continue to do so in this year and the coming years. Let us take a look at four such trends, which will keep developers busy for 2016 and beyond.

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The Most Effective Mobile Ads: Rewarded Ads

The mobile advertising ecosystem has officially embraced the Rewarded Ad Unit. These ad units have exhibited great success, with users happily engaging with them in exchange for virtual goods and developers experiencing a significant rise in ad revenue. Now that everyone wants to jump on the gravy boat–developers must learn how they can maximize engagement and profit with Rewarded Ad units like the Offerwall and Mobile Video.

“The mobile advertising ecosystem has officially embraced the Rewarded Ad Unit” >> Click to tweet

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The Top 4 App Monetization Mistakes

One of the biggest problems developers face, is building sustainable and profitable businesses from their app development efforts. With the ever increasing cost of user acquisition, it seems that customers are unwilling to pay for the apps they use every day. How can you stand to make a living?

In this post, we’ll take a look at the four most common mistakes app developers make when they are looking to monetize their apps. It is possible you have made one or two of these mistakes yourself. How to avoid them? Without further ado, let’s get to it.

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Why Match-3 Games Are So Successful? (And How To Create One)

In the world of today you’d barely find one to ask what a match-3 game is. Those games have long since caught on all over the playing planet. Or rather such game hits as Candy Crush SagaBubble Witch SagaJelly Splash and Bejeweled series. Their simple, flexible game mechanics keeps casual players enraptured and making mid/hardcore industry agents feel sick at the sight of each newly released match-3 game.

Games like match 3 or three-in-a-row are a type of casual puzzle games. The major task consists in forming lines/chains/groups of 3 or more identical elements. Traditionally, the board is square-patterned and filled with various tiles that one must shift, select or rotate.

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Why The iOS 8 Scrolling Results Will Change The Way You Make Your App Screenshots

About the Author: Evaldo Rossi is the Founder of WordData – App Store Optimization (ASO). Follow him on Google+ and check out the WordData blog to learn more about ASO.

One of the updates iOS 8 brought to the App Store is the Scrolling Results. This was made to tackle two issues: user experience and app discovery. The new search results pages are easier and faster to navigate, so more apps will be seen in the same search before the user gives up.

The new layout brought an unintended feature to improve the conversion rate (i.e., the percentage of users that click the app after discovering it) on the iPhone.

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5 Ways To Earn More Revenue From Your Mobile App

The current mobile market is anything but stable, and there is no one to blame. Mobile is a new technology for many, and the bigger part of the world hasn’t even bothered to get involved, just yet! Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) are battling their ways as the two leading mobile operating systems, as well as mobile app markets, and as we can see in the recent report; Apple is showing healthy signs of growth.

Even Microsoft has realized that competing with these two giants is not going to be easy, and has in turn started to offer additional edit features for its Office suite to its mobile users. Before the changes, all you could really do was view your files, and do hardly any editing. (Though, this is the free version we’re talking about!) Microsoft realized that there are far too many alternatives out there, and losing money is not an option. Though, not making the app available to Windows Phone users first was probably not a bright idea!

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Make Money On The Side With App Reskinning

Hi, I’m Ryan Relf and today I will show you how you can make money with app reskinning. There are several different models that can be used to generate income with app reskinning. The most common method is to buy a source code – reskin the app – add a few different features- submit the app to the app store – try to generate income and if no income is received move on to the next. This can be a great model for anyone that is new to this business but what if there was a better way to gain leverage and control the amount of money that you make in the app business?

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A Sweet Perspective On Swift

A few days ago, a friend of mine (maybe the nerdier one) asked me: “What do you think about Swift?”. I answered “It’s really cool!”.

Surely I would recommend it to develop your next awesome app or game on iOS.

It’s a major departure from the syntax of Objective-C, Swift language is much more concise.

If you have a background in any C-based language (other than Objective-C), you will be able to read it. Swift has many language constructs popularized in other languages, it is pretty close to what is hot in programming languages today.

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The Firm – A Stock Trading Simulator App for Would-be Stock Traders

We all hear a lot about how stock trading is both exciting and rewarding, but very few of us actually know how the whole system works. Well, The Firm is here to offer us an answer. Like other similar iOS games of a similar sort, The Firm helps players experience what it’s like to be a stock trader by providing them a repetitive and pixel art infused gameplay that is designed to simulate the life of the average stock trader.

Like other famous PC games, such as “Papers, Please”, The Firm is all about money management. Its core mechanics basically involve trading stocks as well as buying or selling various types of commodities. When a player goes into a buy mode, their main goal is to buy stocks that have dropping values, but at the same time, they have the potential to rise and increase later on. On the other hand, when the player switches to sell mode, their goal is to sell their stocks while their prices are still high but also hold to low value stocks with the hope that they will increase later on.

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