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Interview: How this Indie Game Studio Earned $10K in 48 Hours

Over $10k in only 48 hours. This is the amount Duc Nguyen and his team made using Chupamobile. The revenue was generated by a single product, Farm Business, a casual game similar to the hit Farmville. This was the first app template listed on Chupamobile by this company. They have now published more top-quality game templates on our marketplace and plan to release a bunch of new titles in the following weeks.

SunNet, which has over 300 titles published on the app stores and almost 10 million users, is working on a new hit, a third person shooting game. Duc says they will use the earnings generated through Chupamobile to partially fund this upcoming game that is still under development. Could Chupamobile be the next Kickstarter for indie game studios?

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What’s New in ASO for iOS 9

There are over 1,500,000 apps listed so far on the App Store, and that number keeps growing month after month. Getting apps indexed is not only a problem of visibility for the app publishers, who try new and more sophisticated methods to climb the charts, but also for the Apple App Store itself, which must index apps properly in order to make the best suggestions to each user.

There are over 1,500,000 apps listed so far on the App Store >> Click to tweet

Apple has been working on a big improvement in this area, a new method for indexing deeper content within apps. Until now, the only content accessible to crawlers were app titles, keywords and reviews. The new app indexing reaches deeper content inside the app code that used to be inaccessible, and the web content included in the marketing or support app webpage submitted with the app manifest.

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Android or iOS App: What to Build First?

When you are preparing to build an app, you dream of seeing it every app store and hopefully on tons of smartphones or tablets. Typically this would mean building a multi-platform app, for both iOS and Android. But going multiplatform from day one is not always the best choice. It is often beneficial to build for one platform first, test, get valuable feedback from users, improve the product accordingly, and then build for the other platform. With that in mind, what platform should you build first for?

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Apple Watch: Notifications in Deep

Thanks to iOS, when a notification arrives to the user’s iPhone it will be shown on the Apple Watch or on the iPhone, depending on the situation. By default the operating system provides a default notification interface to show the message but we can customize it by including different images or content.

WatchKit offers two types of notification interfaces:

Short-Look interface

Is the first screen we see when receiving a notification. It is a non-scrolling screen that shows abbreviated information, which we can’t customize. It shows the app icon, the app name and a title string provided by the local notification or the remote notification payload.

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Interview: This App Developer is Earning Thousands with his App Portfolio

Many think the app stores are the only way to monetize an app portfolio. Some app developers are going further and earning thousands a month by licensing their apps source code to other developers or appreneurs.

Some app developers are going further the app stores and earning thousands a month with this method. >> Click to tweet

Marius Rott is one of them. He begun his career as an indie developer 2 years ago and after a few months he began selling app source code through Chupamobile. Since then, he has earned thousands in sales and the title of Top Chupamobile Author.

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The 10 Craziest (But Real) Motivations To Launch An App

The State of the Developer Nation Q1 2015 Study by Mobile Vision defines 8 main motivations for launching an app, from building a money-maker business to reaching self achievement and fun. All this data is extremely interesting but, to say it better… our list is a bit longer. Our belief is that an app can be created regardless of what the thought behind the idea was. If you are producing an app just to make money, great. If you are building a gaming app, that is great too. But lets say you wanted to build an app that tracks the migration patterns of turkeys….what? This is what gets us excited. We thrive on creating the most unique apps with the most unusual requests.

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Cross-promoting Apps: the Secret to a Successful Portfolio of Casual Games

Casual games continue to dominate the app store’s charts. Many appreneurs continue to thrive in this segment, but what separates the successful from the unsuccessful? What can we  learn from them, and which practices should we apply to succeed in the app store?

The Birth of the ‘Super Casual’ Games: Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird established a milestone in the mobile gaming history and was without question the case with the biggest buzz in the app store last year. Its success awakened the indie developer dream, in an environment that had been dominated by big publishers so far.

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48hrs Flash Sale: Ultimate Car Racing 3D is 75% Off!

Get a real feel of 3D Racing in this ultimate Car Racing game for iOS, Android and Web in Unity 3D: Ultimate Car Racing 3D is 75% off for 48 hours!

Top Features:

  • 8 Unique Tracks with varying difficulty
  • AI Cars
  • 5 Different Sports Cars
  • Admob Integrated
  • Accurate Race Positions and Lap System
  • NOS Boost
  • Different Sky Environments
  • Mini Map to see opponent positions
  • Complete Realistic Car Controls and Physics
  • Collision Avoidance for AI Cars
  • Easy to Edit and Reskin
  • Optimized for Mobile Devices
  • Unique User Interface
  • Multi Resolution Supported
  • Realistic Blur effect for NOS
  • Car Collision and other effects + Animations
  • Tested on iOS (iOS8 as well), Android, Web, Facebook, HTML5 and PC/Mac.

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How to Build a Mobile App with no Programming Experience

Today, anybody can have an idea for an app, but can somebody without technical skills build an app? The answer is “yes.”

A few years ago, you would have needed coding skills or a big budget to develop and launch an app or a game on the app stores. Those days are over. Affordable alternatives are conquering the market and creating a new paradigm for app development.

If you are one of those ‘idea people’ who would like to build a mobile app or game, this article will introduce the best options that don’t require coding skills. It’s easier than you think!

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The 10 Steps to Be a Successful Appreneur

Remember the days when children wanted to become astronauts and parents wanted them to study law or medicine? Well, those days are over. Today’s hottest professional prospect is to become an entrepreneur, both for kids and parents. I’m not talking about the old-style entrepreneur; I mean a new kind of businessperson: the appreneur or mobile application entrepreneur.

Today’s hottest professional prospect is to become an appreneur or app entrepreneur. >> Click to tweet

Maybe you haven’t heard this word before, but I’m sure you are aware of one of the fastest growing industries: the business of apps. Yes, you guessed it: an appreneur is an app entrepreneur or, in the words of Wikipedia, “an entrepreneur who works in the mobile device application industry, as well as in the emerging micropayment economy.”

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