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Any business, supported by the online presence, aims at driving more ROI with the implementation of different strategies. Maintaining the cordial relationships and being in a regular interaction with the customers are also the parts of the brand building and marketing. Now the question arises ‘how to interact with the customers and target audience’. Placing the high-quality content over different platforms on the web is a good move in terms of being noticeable among the target audience.

Marketing the content is the next step to make it visible to the readers. According to the stats, about 90% of B2B marketers will be using the different means of content marketing to grow their businesses in the coming time. On the other hand, over 75% marketers are all set to produce more content this year than they usually do.

Fueling the content with the exceptional quality, visitors’ expectations and rich information are few of the elements which make your content ready to be marketed. Further, selection of the right marketing techniques transforms you into a successful app content marketer.

Here, we are going to discuss proven content marketing strategies that are sure to give wings to your campaign.          

Locating the key influencer before content creation

Key influencers can be referred to as a group of the influencers who dominate in terms of reaching the target audience. Locating the key influencers can enable you to convey your content to more people than the ones you are having in your current list. You can make a request to the key influencers to share your content so that it can reach a larger target audience. But, before creating the content for a particular key influencer, knowing their guidelines and instructions appears as an imperative thing.

The key influencers recommend sharing the content only if they find it suitable for their communities. There are tools like BuzzSumo that help you find the key influencers who have a greater reach among the target audience within your industry. Reaping the benefits with the use of such a tool can help you accomplish your objectives as a content marketer. It is more than half battle won if a key influencer agrees to share your content.     

Keeping the positivity accelerated

For a content marketer, getting subscribers, affirmative comments on their posts, sales, post sharing on social media , a quotation request, etc. are few of the moments that please him. But, such moments are concluded with either a thankful gesture or with a plain confirmation message. It is a mistake to put the positivity to an end; rather it needs to be cherished to achieve the post-conversion goals.    

Now, let’s unveil the methods that are effective to keep the positivity going on. You, being a content marketer, can conduct a survey regarding your post, mail your previous posts to the subscribers with a request of social shares, send a newsletter to the subscribers on a regular basis, etc. Continuing the positivity is going to benefit your purposes only. Hence, it is also a proven strategy that can work wonders for your content marketing campaign.    

Garnishing the content with visual presentation

Just like a nice garnishing makes a cuisine appear tastier, a post enriched with a visual presentation will surely jazz up the excitement of the readers. Nothing can be a better way than incorporating the images to make a content visually rich. Even the research findings say that a post with the relevant images captures over 90% more views. The content with the placement of images after every 80-100 words is sure to double the number of shares.  

Creating professional quality images is no more a killer task as the free tools like Canva, when combined with free stock photo sites i.e. Unsplash & Pixabay, make the job a duck soup. As the tool mentioned above is free of cost, so it would not put a strain on your pocket as well. Believe me, making the images and adorning your post with the same is not a time taking affair once you get a good hand over such tools.              

Upgrading the content for new lead conversion 

In the present scenario, the content upgrade has emerged as an effective technique for the enormous lead generation. Upgrading the content is all about enriching it with contextual offers by hyperlink. Such links navigate the users to the web address where you want them to arrive. Also, you get an opportunity to exchange the contact details with the readers.  

The stepwise implementation for content upgrades can be mentioned as below:

  • Write an engaging post
  • Build a contextual offer (videos, eBook, checklists, etc.)
  • Make the same available for the readers in exchange of their contact details i.e. Email ID
  • Upgrade all your posts with the same offer

Repurposing the content for better marketing

Transforming an already live blog post in other formats for a different purpose is repurposing the content. It takes no efforts to convert the format of a post into a condensed video, podcast, PPT presentation, etc.    

The prime advantage of sharing the same content in other formats is marking the presence of your content on different networks. It directly intensifies the reach of your content to a larger extent. On the other hand, the content available in diverse formats can be grasped in any style of learning.   

It is a well-known fact that Google Play and iTunes both witness the presence of million apps in different categories. Hence, the need arises for a good mobile app launch strategy  to stand out in the ocean of apps to register its success. Though there are different paid app marketing plans, but it is not a viable option for every app owner to go for the paid marketing plan for an app for its optimization to amplify download score. In fact, the app iteration and making it ideal for the market should be prioritized initially, instead marketing an app. Befitting an app according to the users’ requirements would be a wise move for higher UA (User Acquisition).

Let’s confabulate the ideal methodology for practicing the inbound mobile app marketing plan with the below-given points:    


Word-of-mouth marketing

The very first step of inbound marketing is locating the right target audience to make sure that the people whom you are going to approach will take an interest in your app. Spreading the information about your app using the word-of-mouth is a vital thing to do while marketing your app. Even in the testing phase, you can invite your friends and colleagues to use the app and provide their feedback regarding its functioning. Such an action will definitely let you know about the UX of the app and flaws/ bugs (if any) closely. If your friends find your app interesting, they will surely promote your app among others, which is always a win-win situation for you.    

Mark your app’s presence on social media

As we all know, social media has evolved as one of the strongest mediums for communicating with the target audience with a personalized approach. It is a must-do thing for a company to create the pages on different social media platforms for marketing its mobile app. Channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. have got the potential of publicizing your app, if managed properly. Being involved in updating your social media pages with the interesting information about your app results in intensifying the app downloads. Creating an app-focused specific page is always a better move rather than updating your app’s info on the existing company page.       

Locate the platform to perform your marketing endeavors  

Making your app distinguished from other similar apps in the same category on an app store is not a duck soup as it requires a good plan for marketing an app. Secure a strong web presence for your app, thereby figuring out a core destination on the web becomes essential for you. If your business already has an official website, then you can add an app section to it. On the other hand, for carving the standalone identity of your app, you need to create a dedicated website for your app. Registering a domain with your app’s name as ‘prefix’ or ‘suffix’ is always a smart move.    

Fuel your app info with interesting content

After the selection of an appropriate app launch strategy, now producing the interesting and relevant content is the next step to take. Accentuate the content with the USP of your app and fill the destination keeping the attractive layout in your mind. For example, if your app is related to taxi booking services, then you can provide a car race game for the kids on your website along with the information about the famous destinations within your city. Writing blogs, articles, etc. is not all when it comes to content development. Information curation has become the most significant part of the content strategies presently. Providing the useful information to the visitors along with your app details can bring success to your app.       

People just love watching videos

 There is no better way than a video for explaining the functionality of your app. Short videos that include the demo of your app are literally the boon for your app marketing plan or campaign. A video featuring the app’s functions is embraced by the users if they find your app relevant. It is not necessary that a demo video of an app appears boring. You can jazz up your app’s video with some exciting elements to allure the users. Don’t let your forehead shrink if the video shared by you is not going viral. Getting a feasible number of views and shares can also do the trick for you.

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The above-discussed techniques of inbound mobile marketing plan for an app are quite effective to make your app noticeable among the users. This is the best information I was having regarding such techniques. It would be a pleasure to get more info from you in the comment section given below. I just love having the feedbacks from the readers and taking the required action promptly.

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