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Nobody can deny that Pokémon Go is a huge success. Since its launch on July 6th, the game has achieved record-breaking numbers and engaged a vast number of users. (Click here to learn more about this).

On this list you can find the best SDKs used by Niantic on their top-charting game. Take a look at the main advantages provided by these tools and see if they can benefit your apps as well!

For Analytics:


Upsight allows developers and publishers of any size to access  a free analytics solution with unlimited data storage and MAU. The company combines the previous offerings of Kontagent and PlayHaven to offer an analytics and marketing platform with a single SDK and a unified dashboard.

Regarding analytics, Upsight assists developers to easily identify and measure unique performance indicators. The platform also permits the addition of  new KPIs without re-integration. It enables publishers to build their own personalized dashboards to monitor custom factors based on what is important to each user.  Different views can be built for specific audiences such as executive, marketer or product manager, for example.

Upsight provides powerful tools to measure app performance, identify user segments, and conduct ad hoc data analysis.

For Crash Reporting:


Apteligent (previously known as Crittercism) is a detailed and actionable crash reporting tool that allows users to monitor crashes in real time and rapidly solve issues before they affect users. Developers can target problems by factors such as geography, app version, device, and OS and consequently prioritize crash solving based on the impact on business and number of users affected.


Plausible CrashReporter provides an in-process crash reporting framework for crash reporting services available for iOS, including Apteligent.

This SDK can be easily integrated to an existing or custom crash reporting service and does not interfere with debugging in lldb/gdb. PLCrashReporter provides backtraces for all active threads and registers all crashed threads.

For Monetization:


Google’s ad network offers targeted, in-app advertising as a source of monetization. AdMob provides advertisements in formats such as banners, interstitials, video ads, and native ads, which are seamlessly integrated to native UI components.

The network uses the Google Mobile Ads SDK, which helps developers gain insights about their users, drive more in-app purchases, and maximize ad revenue. To accomplish that, the default integration of this SDK collects information such as device information, location, and in-app purchase data such as item price and currency.


For Networking:


GoogleNetworkingUtilities is a shared networking utility method for Google libraries. It is currently used in 10% of Top 200 free apps on the AppStore.



JSQWebViewController is a lightweight Swift WebKit view controller for iOS. This tool is used by more than 20% of the apps charted on the AppStore’s top 200 free apps.

Have you used any of the above mentioned SDKs? Share your experience with our community by leaving a comment below!

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