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The State of the Developer Nation Q1 2015 Study by Mobile Vision defines 8 main motivations for launching an app, from building a money-maker business to reaching self achievement and fun. All this data is extremely interesting but, to say it better… our list is a bit longer. Our belief is that an app can be created regardless of what the thought behind the idea was. If you are producing an app just to make money, great. If you are building a gaming app, that is great too. But lets say you wanted to build an app that tracks the migration patterns of turkeys….what? This is what gets us excited. We thrive on creating the most unique apps with the most unusual requests.

To help facilitate understanding to this concept, you should know that Chupamobile democratized app publishing by allowing anyone, even with no coding or design skills, to launch an app or a game on the app stores. This is a great step forward in app development as most companies want you to have a graphic designer and a coder on standby. We think that it is a lot more beneficial to have a great idea than knowing how to develop an app.

Since we launched our customization service, we have received the most bizarre requests for apps, which means a lot of amazing, genuine and unexpected motivations for launching an app or a game. We have chosen the craziest 10 of apps to share with you:

1. Demonstrating mother’s love: A modern mommy asked for a Sling Shot game with their sons as protagonists. Of course, a slingshot and a fishing trip came to mind. Here is the final result.


2. Teaching: An American school Principal requested a zombie shooting game for his students. The thing is that he wanted the school children to impersonate the zombies!


3. Selling guns: A gun dealer contacted us to make a nice FPS (First Person Shooting) game for promoting his company’s products.


4. Showing true love: Last February a guy wrote our customization team to create a romantic Saint Valentine’s day app for his girlfriend.


5. Amazing your family on Christmas: It was not Santa Claus but a cool granny that ordered a funny game for her family to use it as Christmas present.


6. Making fun of Kimye: One of the funniest requests we had was to create a version of the hit “ZigZag” with a Kanye West puppy that collected Kim Kardashian’s “asses” instead of the classic golden coins.


7. Proving that everybody can launch a mobile game and write an awesome article on Wired: Former Wired writer Ryan Rigney bought a Flappy-style template at Chupamobile and launched his own Flappy Ryan on the App Store in only a few hours. Here the whole story written by him.


8. Selling marijuana on demand: We built an order and delivery app for a Californian cannabis merchant that was looking forward to escalate his business.


9. Manifesting BFF love: A girl contacted us to create a personalized Farmville version for her best friend. Lovely, isn’t it?


10. Letting your daughter chase her dream of becoming the next Loboutin: An awesome dad asked for a shoe design app to allow her 6 year-old daughter test and improve her skills as shoe designer. What can be cuter than this?


What is your motivation?

These apps may seem to be extraordinary, but those requests are real! They prove that, anybody can launch an app or a game. The question which you have to answer is what is your motivation. You can see that some people were motivated by love, others by humor, and others used the app as a means to bridge a communication gap. The main thing is that none of these people had a clue on how to program or design the game. They just had a thought and we took that thought and made it into a reality. Here are a few ideas to kick your creativity into thinking about what your next successful app will be:

  • Personalize your favorite character
  • Make yourself into a superhero or villain
  • Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go golfing on a cloud? Try it out
  • Do you work in an office and want to wreck it to pieces? make an app so that you can

Do you want to launch an app? Here is what you need to get started

A thought or an idea.

Yes it is that simple. No matter how bizarre you think your idea is or how crazy the design, the odds are that you can have the app made.Those that play it safe and just go with the apps that everyone knows will just have something that everyone else has. Be unique. Think of something original and let us do the rest.

Why Android, why not cater to Apple?

We can help you with any platform, we think that you will find the android to have a larger amount of players available. Many tablets and smartphones use Google store as well as the Amazon store, these are android based. Getting your app to go viral is greatly dependent upon its exposure. Putting it in the android mainstream market is one way to get it to #1.

Time to get started!

Hopefully, by now you have a few ideas of your own app creation. Get a paper and pencil and start writing down those ideas. Whether you are looking to make a racing game, a cooking app, or the next flappy bird saga, you need to start the creative process. You never know which idea will become the next big thing.

How creative are you?? Leave a comment with your crazy app idea below.

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