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Apps have become a big part of our mobile world . The average person has around 10-15 apps on their smartphone or mobile device (-> Tweet this!) at any given time ranging from business related syncing apps and scanners, to addictive game apps that can be played anywhere and everywhere from the palm of your hand to diet and quit smoking support apps.

Aside from the need to obsessively check our Facebook or Twitter accounts from our mobile devices, apps have catapulted from engaging games and programs to fiddle with on your smartphone or mobile device in your spare time to a necessary staple to conduct business with.

The majority of the population has at least one mobile device loaded with a variety of different apps that in most cases are being used on a daily basis.

Recently it seems that we can’t get through even one day without hearing about a new app that’s afforded thousands and in some cases millions of downloads in virtually no amount of time at all.

Why didn’t I think of that?

If you have come across an app with such a seemingly simple concept that you want to kick yourself for not coming up with it, you are not the only one. Sometimes the simplest ideas end up being the next viral sensation (-> Tweet this!).

The Dubsmash app, for example, was about the most basic concept of a fun and amusing way to communicate, but the millions of downloads say that this was nothing short of brilliant. Angry Birds sounds like a pretty primitive game on paper, but in reality everyone seems to have or know someone who has this game app.


The creators of these apps are now millionaires as a result of developing these engaging, fun and even life-simplifying apps. Do you have a great app idea? If so, you should be striking while the irons hot before someone else swoops in and reaps the rewards.

Can anyone develop an app?

Yes! Developing an app was once thought to be an endeavor exclusively available to experienced programmers and coders, but today literally anyone with an idea and a tad of imagination can develop an app worthy to stand against any of the current heavy hitter apps out there.


Now, you can launch your own Dubsmash app in just a few hours

There are many companies that offer easy to use app and game templates for people with limited to no design or coding skills to make their app ideas a reality such as Chupamobile. With a host of different templates, Chupamobile provides all the help you need to achieve app development success!

Improve an existing app

Just because someone has already come up with your app idea doesn’t mean that you can’t build on or improve it. There are few apps available today that are entirely unique. Is there an app on your mobile device right now that you can’t live without but wish it had certain lacking features? Build your own similar one! If you see flaws in an app you are using then chances are others feel the same way. Will your app be the next big thing? With the right resources and a little bit of good advertising, it could well be!