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Are you struggling to guess which app will be the next hit in the app stores? Worry no more, we are here with the most promising app templates of the week. Get inspired, set your goal and launch your app.

iOS App Templates

aa Nodes

aa nodesA fun arcade iOS game easily customizable! The gameplay features several levels with increasing speed and game difficulty.  Four skin colors available: black, blue, pink and yellow.Among the included features you’ll find: share and rate options, increasing difficulty and level selection, sound on/off button and iAds advertising to help you boost your revenues.

Flip Flip Fox

FlipFlipHeroThis endless tap-flip game is extremely versatile. The code serves equally well as a rewarding yet basic iOS tutorial for beginners and a simple, inexpensive reskin option for experienced developers. In-app purchases and iAd ads are included!

Q Mystery Phrase

q mysteryQ Mystery Phrase is a game where you have to match question or words with the response on the center of the screen, note that you can add unlimited questions. This game has Game Center Leaderboards implemented and iAd are provided!

Android App Templates

Dash Up!

Dash UpDash up the ball as high as possible in this incredibly addictive and minimalist game! Sounds pretty simple, right? You’ll be surprised how hard it is! All built in Unity and includes features like Google Play Services, Facebook Share and Rate Pop-Up.

Hunter Willie

Hunter WillieHunter Willie is an interesting arcade style side scroller that has you taking down all manner of monsters in this spooky dungeon. It’s ready for Android 5.0 and icludes Google AdMob to monetize

Word Brain Game

Word Brain GameWord Brain Game is an addictive Word Puzzle Game where you have to find the word in 5 different game play.! Google Leaderboard, banner and interstitial AdMob ads are available!

We hope you enjoyed our selection of the most promising apps for this week and if you are about to launch an app, don’t forget to share your experience with us.

Good Luck!