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Dong Nguyen, creator of Flappy Bird, is about to launch his new app, Swing Copters. The release date set for the game is tomorrow, August 21. What are we expecting? Another addictive game just as frustrating and time consuming as the previous one. Want to know something even more exciting? Chupamobile authors have already developed a Swing Copters template to give you the opportunity to get in a live competition with Flappy Bird’s creator! Watch the video below for a spoiler of what the game is gonna look like.

Think about Flappy Bird, replace the bird with a tiny guy with a helicopter-helmet, make it fly vertically, avoid anything that swings and you have Swing Copters. The game itself is simple, maybe even a little too much, but it definitely has the right characteristics to become the next hit in the game world. Your only task in Swing Copters is to tap the screen and guide the flying man to avoid the obstacles. The trick, is trying not to get hammered and get as high as you can.

The app should come as free of download and the user can decide to pay $0.99 for an ad-free version. Rumors say that the app is going to be another Amazon exclusive, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Toucharcade, who had the exclusive on the launching date, tried the game and finds it really difficult, more than Flappy Bird ever was. No wonder why their score was a very sad and tasteless 5, but again, a single point could be motivating enough to keep you playing on the phone for hours.

swinging coptersHaving in mind an extremely addictive game we wonder what Nguyen will have to say, given the fact that he pulled Flappy Bird out of the market as it was ‘too addictive’. Hopefully this time he won’t do the same. During an interview with Rolling Stones, Flappy Bird Creator, said he was considering to bring back the much loved game; after all, the stress of success maybe wasn’t too much to handle!

As ironic as it may sound, David McCandless, creator of The Helicopter Game, initially complained that Flappy Bird was ‘another rip of his helicopter game’, we are curious to know what he’s gonna say now that the similarity is even stronger.

If you would like to create your very own version of Swing Copters, the easiest way to do it is by personalizing these Swing Copters app templates. Think about a completely new idea, with a basic template in you hand you could create a totally genuine and original game. Rememeber all those celebrity games that are braking the charts? Why not doing the same with Swing Copters? You could have your favorite – or most hated – celebrity floating between hammers, it would go much more viral than a little guy with a helmet (and for sure won’t be rejected by the App Store)! Another idea would be to design a unique charachter, specifically developed for the target you aim to hit, and if you want to bring it to a whole new level, add unique features, creave new levels and if you like it, a catchy beat is always a win!

And since tomorrow is the official release date, hurry to create your own, it could become the best Swing Copters style game available on the market. To help you build yor very unique Swing Copters app here are some templates: Swinging Copters, Swing Copter reskin in Cocos 2D-x Android, Swing Copters in Cocos 2D-x iOSSwing Copters Unity.

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