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My stint with programs began with Java SDK 1.2 which I used to create an ugly-looking slow-paced pacman on my Pentium 4 in year 2000! Things changed soon as I joined a huge consultancy, worked in US with an insurance client. Never stopped being amazed by Win32 MFC message maps first UI framework that kept me awake at nights. So much so that I wrote message map tutorials to teach the colleagues! Later years, I wrote some serious part in Oracle Siebel File upload server, while also writing for community some algorithms just for the sake of fun of it, using quite improved MS Visual C++ IDE! Mobile revolution provided an upward pull from the lower levels of programming. I got 4 attracted to the amazing stuff I could do with just single line of code: be it page-curl animation or purchase of an app from app store! iOS is my recent obsession. In just first six months stint with it, I designed, developed and content-wrote a unique style quiz that makes kids fumble volumes of encyclopedias. And it's not the best I could create, nor an eye-candy! My next aim is to have an app that can leverage iPhone GPS it's far underutilized. So how about an app that could take people's real-time vote on what events they are attending this weekend. Or how about the one that could simply show them some spicy location trivia (unless, they are driving!). Aim += An eyecatching layout squeezing Core Graphics and my model is pulse iOS app. But who knows, what's better than that?
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