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We live in a society that requires its inmates to follow a fixed cycle of life. But I chose to differ. When I was very young, I discovered that I did not want to follow the common path, effectively meaning a 9 to 5 job routine that most people follow. Superb ideas of working whenever I want to and doing what I want always fascinated me instead of following a restricted timetable. Therefore, I looked at areas that would enable me to fulfill my requirement. After going through several biographies and self-help books, I decided that entrepreneurship was the only field that would permit me to live the way I desired. Being your own boss and the concept of discovering innovative ideas that will change people’s lives positively excited me. I set about gathering more knowledge about it and surfed the Internet to find out how to combine entrepreneurship with working only when I want to. I ascertained that utilizing computer technology enabled an individual to bring ideas to fruition. So, I decided to become a successful entrepreneur. One day, while switching channels on television, I saw that Apple had achieved the target of hosting more than a million apps in its store. I sat up and realized that this could be the most lucrative, innovative and brilliant method to achieve my goal. I pursued it determinedly and begged my father to buy me a 2009 Mac that had all the developer tools necessary to build applications for the iOS. Thereafter, I spent a few months on YouTube learning to code and getting used to the interface. When I was familiar with the concept, I began sharing my knowledge and gained 1316 subscribers and a lot of views on my videos. Eventually, I decided to develop my own app and launch it in the store. I worked all day for both my personal and public projects, in hope of achieving my goal to become a successful entrepreneur. On Jan 2010, I launched 2 iOS application, which led to the inflow of Rs 10,000 a month, my first earnings and a huge amount for a grade 9 young boy. I launched 2 applications, “Balloony” and “iCloudy” at the age of 15 that have so far reached above 65,000 & 7,000 downloads respectively. Not only did I realized my goal of an autonomous working lifestyle but also learnt some business concepts that were entrenched in my mind when I studied Business Studies in High School. This knowledge also got me closer to my goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Since that time, I have continued exploring and have diversified into various fields of game development, website development, graphic designing, stock exchange and music production. During my journey, I was fortunate to learn various programming languages such as JQUERY, PHP, MYSQL and JAVASCRIPT. My interest, curiosity and appetite will continue. I am in grade 12 and studying the commerce stream in my school, which include the subjects of Business Studies, Economics and Accountancy. All these subjects will definitely help me in achieving my objectives of entrepreneurship. I was also able to augment my understanding of business concepts by engaging in projects. Our Business Studies teacher gave us a project on “Fayol’s Principal Of Management.” We were required to visit any business firm regularly and note whether the firm was following any of Fayol’s 14 principles. I attended my father’s factory for about 20 days and observed the work being carried out there. I learned about the importance of coordination amongst employees in a business firm. I noticed that there was a slight delay in a shipment due to a dispute between a delivery and a storage unit. Similarly, I observed many other principals being used in my father’s firm and being convinced about its veracity, I wish to use them in my own business operations. A video camera, YouTube, iPhone and an interested audience are ways that I pass my leisure. I enjoy making “How to & Tech” videos and sharing them so that people can benefit with my knowledge. Instead of making people spend money at the Apple Store to repair or modify their device, I took the initiative of teaching people how to do it for free. Recently, I have begun a long-term e-commerce project that I desire to achieve by the end of 2014. Besides academics, I dabbled in a variety of extra-curricular activities. I participated in many Computer Science activities e.g. web development for EXUN 2012, CORE4 & 5, and learnt Programming languages of C++, PHP & MySQL from NIIT Limited. I play Chess and have participated in tournaments, though I am nowhere near a grandmaster’s level. Soccer and quizzing are other activities that I am interested in. Besides, I believe in giving back to the community and have provided service to students from Aanchal School and the Blind School located at New Rajinder Nagar, Delhi. I have also participated in the National Literacy Mission organized at the Barkat Ali `Firaq’ State Resource Center. All these activities have developed good teamwork, interpersonal and at times leadership skills.
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