Yu Kwong Yiu Wilson - kwongyiuwilson.yu

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Hong Kong


Customer Name : Mr. YU KWONG YIU 繳款號碼 Payment No : 003812048135 賬戶號碼 Account No : 003812048135 [ 賬單摘要 STATEMENT SUMMARY ] 賬單日期 Statement Date : 15 May 2014 應付金額 Amount Due : HK$149.00 到期付款日 Payment Due Date : 29 May 2014 付款方法 Payment Method : VISA 此為電郵賬單摘要,您亦可隨時瀏覽 http://www.cabletv.com.hk/ct/ 登入「網上用戶服務中心」查閱賬單詳情及/或列印賬單作現金繳費(如適用)。 「繳費靈」商戶編號 「有線寬頻」上網服務及「有線電視」服務:29 「有線寬頻」電話服務:9462 查閱繳費方法及 / 或下載有關表格,請按此(http://www.i-cable.com/cs/paymentmethod/home.html)。切勿回覆此電郵。 如有任何查詢,請致電本公司客戶服務熱線:1832-832。 You may visit http://www.cabletv.com.hk/en/ and login to our "Subscriber Online Service Center" to check the full details of your on-line statement, which you may print out for cash settlement (if applicable). PPS merchant code i-CABLE Broadband / Cable TV Service: 29 i-CABLE HomeLine Service: 9462 For Payment Method and / or forms download, please click here http://www.i-cable.com/cs/paymentmethod/e-home.html. Please do not reply to this mail. Should you have any enquiries, please contact our Customer Service Hotline at 1832-832.
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