Alex Kim - andy.hamilton

Independent Developer

South Korea (한국)


Sponge Poker is the most realistic online poker game in history. Sponge Poker is the most realistic online poker game ever created. In a world full of clones titles, we’ve developed a truly unique proposition which uses patent-pending technology to bring our players poker games that feel far closer to real life than ever before. Our interface has been built from the ground up using this proprietary technology. We’ve created the only betting view where players can see each other’s tells. The movements your opponents make as they consider their options are telegraphed right on to your on screen. You can watch as Jim contemplates folding, or while Mike thinks hard about going all-in. And, of course, this means that you can learn to use the interface to fake out your opponents, sending false tells, just like at a real game. Then betting interface adds a level of complexity to Sponge Poker that no other game on the market can match, but the game remains easy to get into, and very intuitive. Easy, and fun, but with an edge: a touch of seriousness. That's Sponge Poker.
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