Ahmed Sabry - ahmedsabry

Independent Developer

Egypt (مصر)


I’m a simple man who loves programming in general, specially problem solving and game development. I’m able to make games for all platforms, and I have the ability to use artificial intelligence in games to make the best enemy behaviors. I’m a strong logical thinker with ability for solving difficult logic problems that need a complicated ways of thinking. I have the ability to work under pressure, producing the best projects with the least fundamental resources. I don’t face any problems learning new technologies that I may need in a project working on. I’m curious about learning any new information that is related to the gaming and web development areas. I’m very interested in AI field. I’m always optimistic and hopeful. I’m always enthusiastic to try any new. I have the ability for communicating ideas clearly to both technical and non-technical audiences. Have a dream to make a worldwide game studio to spread my own ideas in games I make.
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