Daniel Tisone Joseph - Dtisone

Independent Developer

United States


I studied International Economics & Finance in college and kept my strong suite in the world of Finance and Private Equity. I have built and sold more than 5 businesses that were tech-based and now enjoy bringing my idea's to life. There are countless opportunities out there to generate revenue and it all starts with the first step. Starting from scratch is costly and I enjoy providing the platforms for others to get a jump start and quickly reap the benefits of their investment. Many Uber, Groupon, Living Social clones have popped up and been bought out but he aforementioned companies because it's easier to let someone scale in a city and then acquire the infrastructure they built. The best form of flattery is copying and thats a great business model - so good luck and flatter away!
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iOS (Native), Android (Native).
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More than 3 years
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