Demarcus4040 - Demarcus4040

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United States


The object of the game is to run middle school kid's Carlo's and friends far as possible through an endless game world by avoiding everthing in sight thats trying to them from not making it to class nut being late for school (bullies known as toro brothers). Randomly generated obstacles that require the player to either jump (slide finger forward), duck (slide finger backwards) and/or dodge the oncoming cars (slide finger laterally) in a precise manner with the help of occasional power-ups. Occasionally they will use rollerskates,skateboard,scooter and bikes to jump over or roll under objects, soar over the cars,mailboxes,traffic signs and fire hydrant that will repeatly get in his way. Even run along overhead wires. Trying to make it to school and survive the danger that lurk in the hallways like the twin bullies, hall monitor and the greatest of them all Ms.Jerry the principal. Carlos tries to stay in one peace while the school falls apart and tries to make it home to see another day of school.Special missions reward players with bonuses for accomplishing precise tasks.
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