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iOS + Android + Cocos2d-x Mobile game source code on sale. 1. Code Structure and Core Content Based on cocos2d-x by using C++,Objective-C and Java Interaction between cocos2d-x and OC, using iAP in iOS version and how to connect Java and original SDK. Mutual call between cocos2d-x and LUA iOS version applies to iphone4,iphone retina, iphone 5, iPad, iPad mini and etc. Android version applies to most of the popular devices with high/medium/low resolution. The coding structure is concise with clear SVN of 600 versions, the documentation management is also professional in terms of naming. All the coding was developed by professionals working in various mobile Internet Game company with over 5 years' development experience. Localization in both iOS and android version. 2. Where to download the application package and check the running status? Search 魔法渔场 (Magic Fishery) in itunes or click if you are using iOS platform Search 魔法渔场 (Magic Fishery) in Google Play or click if you are using Android. If you need the latest version of adHoc or APK, we can also provide the customized version. 3. Some Data Release The iOS version is released on APP store with daily download of 300 and 100,000 in total. The Android version is released on google market with 80,000 in total. The profit mode is mainly focusing on advertisement embedding on Admob. And also from iOS In app Purchase. 4. What's in it for you? For management level, you can refine the UI and have them resubmitted. It also applies to team training and cases sharing for a new team. For development staff, you can learn the coding structure and solve some difficulties during development. For UI staff, you can learn how to process graphics For freelancers, you can rename it or change the ID and have it re-submitted, for long-term investment purpose including game in-purchase and advertisement. For Promotion staff, you can have it promoted by cooperating with some investors. or you can modify it into social version and develop it into various games 5. Our advantages The whole code package could be opened with xocode of MAC by running iOS and Eclipse by running Android. It is developed based on a cross-platform. 6. About the Price All of this code is only $2000….. It very worthy. Why it is? If your team try to develop a project like Magic Fishery. You should: Let’s have a breakdown! 2 senior cocos2d-x game developer work for 2month 1 UI designer work for 2 month 1 iOS developer with for 1 month 1 Android developer work 1 month. So the total might be more than $10,000 and tester/QA is not included. The whole development duration would be at least 3 months. 7. About Payment A formal contract will be signed and our company will provide the contract and have the signed and sealed or no contract at all. Payment methods: By PayPal. Email transfer based on a bank debit card. Finally, if you are interest in this code. Just feel free to ping us at We will reply you as soon as possible.
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