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This is a standalone Image Editor app that can be incorporated into your own app or expanded upon.

Features include:

  • Drawing brush with adjustable size, color and softness.
  • Camera function to take photos and use in your canvas.
  • Image filters for brightness, contrast, grayscale and vignette
  • Torn Photo effect
  • Save and Load to and from your iPhone image library


Step 1:

Import all files in the "ImageEditor" folder into your own project. These files should be:

  • DoodlerView.h

  • DoodlerView.m

  • DoodlerView.xib

  • ColorSelector.h

  • ColorSelector.m

  • ColorSelector.xib

  • FilterSelect.h

  • FilterSelect.m

  • FilterSelect.xib

  • The 7 png files in the Resources group in the "ImageEditor" folder.

Step 2:

In your AppDelegate.h file of your project add the variables:

NSInteger selectedFilter;
NSInteger selectedColor;
float red;
float green;
float blue;

and their @properties:

@property (nonatomic) NSInteger selectedFilter;
@property (nonatomic) NSInteger selectedColor;
@property (nonatomic) float red;
@property (nonatomic) float green;
@property (nonatomic) float blue;

Refer to the existing AppDelegate.h in this project for reference.

Step 3:

In AppDelegate.m add:

@synthesize navController, selectedFilter, red, green, blue, selectedColor;

and in the method "didFinishLaunchingWithOptions" initialise the values with

selectedFilter = 0;
selectedColor = 1;

Refer to the existing AppDelegate.m in this project for reference.

Step 4:

Now from wherever you want to use the Image Editor simply import "DoodlerView.h" and push the initialized object onto your navigationControllers Stack


DoodlerView *imageEditor = [[DoodlerView alloc]init];
[self.navigationController pushViewController:imageEditor animated:YES];
[imageEditor release];


The classes DoodlerView, FilterSelect and ColorSelector (both .h and .m files) have pointers to AppDelegate.h in order to access variables that can be used across all 3 classes. If your AppDelegate filename is different, remember to update the pointers in these files.

Update for iOS 7

Updated for iOS 7. -The colour picker was being blocked out by the new iOS7 title bar, this has been fixed. -Set the tableView style in filters select to non-grouped as it looks better.

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