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The products such as Mobile, Home Appliances, Books, and Computer accessories etc., from a group of products in an iPhone Application using the UISearchBar.

In this, we primarily focus on the search for the Types of Mobile Phones based upon the OS such iOS/Android/Windows 7 from a group of Mobile Phones.

Demonstrates how to search the contents of a UITableView using UISearchBar and UISearchDisplayController, effectively filtering in and out the contents of that table. If an iPhone/iPod Touch application has large amounts of table data, this sample shows how to filter it down to a manageable amount if memory usage is a concern or you just want users to scroll through fewer tables content.


Search Product App Template is a native iOS project Source Code for iPhone and iPod( by using the UISearchbar and UITableView). Features:

It shows how you can:

  • Create a UISearchDisplayController.

  • Use the new scopes on UISearchBar with a search display controller.

  • Manage the interaction between the search display controller and a containing UINavigationController

  • Return different results for the main table view and the search display controller's table view.

  • Handle the destruction and re-creation of a search display controller when receiving a memory warning.

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