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Yolo Bird Social

Yolo Bird Social

From: $129.00

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Yolo Bird Social

Yolo Bird Social

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From: $129.00

To: $1,527.00

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Get into the Flappy Bird scene with this great opportunity to remake the game and improve the already insanely addictive game play. No programming required. Game Center has also been integrated to let users compare scores among friends and the world. IAd, Chartboost and Applovin banners have been integrated along with a Facebook, Twitter and SMS sharing feature to increase app visibility.

Even though no coding is necessary for this reskin, this package is great for learning the basics behind pure objective c programming and Xcode as all the code is well-commented and proficient for learning purposes.

Easy Game Customisation 

Game settings such as speed, difficulty, gravity etc can be easily changed through a custom Settingslist. No programming needed! (View below for details)

Package includes:

  • Full Xcode Source Code
  • Game Center Integration
  • IAds integration
  • In-app Ratings
  • Chartboost & Applovin Integration
  • SMS, Facebook & Twitter sharing
  • Flurry Analytics
  • Optimised for IPhone 3,4,5 and IPad
  • In-Dept documentation (View)

This package can be reskined directly from the Xcode interface builder without writing a line of code! Just use your favourite image editor and let your creative side develop a beautiful game.

Generate the  profit you deserve with support for banner, fullscreen and video ads through industries most profitable ad networks IAds, Chartboost and Applovin. You can disable, arrange and even set up your Ad networks to alternate and play after however many user deaths desired.

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    14 Days
    Money back guarantee


    App Templates

    Operating system:

    iOS 6.0, iOS 6.1.x, iOS 7.0.x


    Files included:

    Layered PNG, .xib, .m, .h

    Video :

    View Video