Shooting Battle - Walking Zombies vs Lone Survivor iOS

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Shooting Battle - Walking Zombies vs Lone Survivor | App Code for Sale | Hero



Play the Universal Infinite 2D Run game with fun you never had before. Be the Last surviving hero and fight against the Zombies with The Following Different Weapons:

1. One Shot Gun
2. Infinite Shot Gun
3. Bazooka
4. Rocket Launcher

Defend your people Against 6 different kind of Zombies including

1. Walking Zombies
2. Flying Zombies
3. Fire Emitting Zombies

A complete iOS Game covering every aspect which is needed in any game.

This is available freely on iTunes:


Game includes the following incredible features:

  • Universal Source Code (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch)
  • Hand created and animating Character
  • Hand created and animating Zombies
  • Beautiful Particle Effects at Every Action
  • Highly Optimized Code
  • Highly Optimized Graphics
  • Custom Classes written for button and various other objects
  • Perfect use of OOP
  • Custom ScrollView
  • Apprater Functionality
  • Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements
InApp Purchases and Restore Purchases
  • Chartboost Integration
  • Playhaven Integration
  • Applovin Integration
  • Revmob Integration
  • Locally saved stats as well as saved on Game Center
  • Facebook and Twitter Sharing
  • Coin Collectable with 5 various upgrade stages
  • Magnet Collectable with 5 various upgrade stages
  • Lightening fast Movement Collectable with 5 various upgrade stages
  • Invisible Mode Collectable with 5 various upgrade stages
  • Two types of currency used
  • Revival Mode Implemented
  • Ability to learn concepts of game programming from the code
  • and much much more

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  • Miguel Silva 2014-04-28 13:20:32 Thread #21717

    I think that this could be a good source code to buy but, without knowing the total amount of images to reskin, i can't take the chance to go forward with this project.

    • kashif789us Author 2014-04-28 13:34:05

      Total images are about 174 for iphone and same for ipad. Total of around 350

  • mwichx 2014-04-16 18:48:27 Thread #20600

    Can you elaborate on what documentation is involved and number of images to re-skin


    • kashif789us Author 2014-04-16 18:57:08

      Documentation involves mentioning the location of images to be changed and changing the ids such as of ad networks, game center, inapps etc.

      Everything you see is in an image. I cannot calculate total images but I can say that there is 1 image per button. Some menu backgrounds are reused and where possible same images are being reused, many particle effect files are also in the code and zombie and character images are separate with about 3-5 images per animation.