Quiz App Starter Kit - All In One iOS

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Quiz App Starter Kit - All In One | App Code for Sale | Hero
Quiz App Starter Kit - All In One | App Code for Sale | Hero



New Version 9.0 (updated on: 14th April 2015)

  • Multiplayer turn based quiz game (Enable/Disable your choice)
  • Achievements (Define your own achievements for number of wins earned)
  • AppiRater 
  • Background music

Version 8.0 completely new UI design and new approach to next level of experience

Updated on: 20th Feb 2015

Build your own Quiz app with this universal source code for iPhone/iPad/iPad Mini/iPod with multiple choice questions with text, image, video and true/false types.

Checkout this beautiful new theme for Quiz App Starter Kit : Light Theme

Package includes

  • iOS universal source code
  • Layered PSD files
  • Admin tool for creating quiz data   


  • iOS source code with universal support
  • iOS 8 and 64 bit ready
  • 2x and 3x images are used to support high resolution
  • Add unlimited categories and unlimited objective type questions with text, image, video and true/false types. Every questions can have its correct/wrong explanation(feedback)
  • Configure each category color themes
  • Game centre leaderboards for every category added and local high score table at the end of quiz play
  • Ads networks Chartboost and Revmob
  • InApp purchase to buy more categories and to turning off ads
  • Shuffle questions and answers - ON/OFF
  • Limit number of questions play out many questions from category
  • Points system - positive and negative points can be configured for every question
  • Highlight correct answer if answered wrong - ON/OFF
  • Timer based scoring - ON/OFF
  • Parental gate - to avoid unexpected InApp purchase transactions by kids - ON/OFF
  • Data Input format PLIST/JSON - Chose quiz categories and questions format you are comfortable with
  • Customise screen titles
  • About screen with plain text or online URL
  • Settings screen with options to turnoff ads(InApp purchase), turn off sound and disable explanations for questions answered
  • All configurations at one place in Configuration.plist file

Quick demo

Complete configuration video

Passed iTunes store validation 👍

This validation ensures all icons and splash screens added properly and private APIs are not used.

Checks before uploading your app on iTunes Store

  • Add unique questions to every category
  • Always keep backup of your Quiz Data folder before adding/editing questions
  • Test your Game centre and InApp purchases through Sandbox account before uploading app to iTunes store
  • Add appIDs and Signature for Chartboost and Revmob ads if you have enabled ad support
  • Please comment if any help needed. I am at your disposal.

Thank you for buying :)

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  • smartmonster 2015-05-26 09:28:30 Thread #77217


    Can you reply to Thread #76565 please?



  • conradwong 2015-05-22 18:46:09 Thread #76814

    Hi, before I buy, I'd like to confirm does this template support Chinese Characters? Thanks.

    • Heaven Apps Author 2015-05-22 18:49:28

      Yes it supports Chinese characters. Choose plist format in Admin tool. 

  • EASYSCHOOLSOLUTION Buyer 2015-05-21 16:14:57 Thread #76618

    what needs to be reskined

    • Heaven Apps Author 2015-05-21 16:24:24

      Add only icon and splash screen of your choice. That is also not compulsory if you are ok with existing ones.

      • EASYSCHOOLSOLUTION Buyer 2015-05-21 16:47:21

        so,   the back ground art and the different colors I can keep,  i just  need to change the splash and the icons that are shown  on the categorys is this right?

    • Heaven Apps Author 2015-05-21 16:57:47

      Yes category icons needs to be changed these are part of quiz data. Please checkout configuration video for all details.

      • EASYSCHOOLSOLUTION Buyer 2015-05-21 20:15:12

        thank you

  • smartmonster 2015-05-21 11:56:24 Thread #76565


    We're interested in your quiz template. We've got a few questions before buying, to be sure that it can fit our needs :

    - Is there a way to "bundle" categories under 1 iAP? For example, I want my user to be able to buy category x, y, z in a single transaction ; Sub-question : if yes, can I have only 1 category displayed in "more categories" for this bundle ("buy x, y and z categories!"), and after purchasing 3 categories displayed in "play" menu (x, y and z) ;

    - How complex is it to link the "skip" button to a virtual coins system? Sub-question : can we hide it altogether? (I suppose it's a regular button that we can turn off/on)

    - Is it possible to have images as answers? For example "Who is D.Beckham?" -> pic1 (Messi), pic2 (Beckham), pic3 (Ronaldo)...

    Matt - Smart Monster

    • Chupa Team 2015-05-25 11:33:36

      Hi @Heaven Apps can you have a look? Thanks for your cooperation

  • jwphillips 2015-05-15 20:04:04 Thread #75894

    A few questions...

    • Is there a way to export/extract the user data from scores? 
    • Is there a way to change the app to read quiz data from a remote server?
    • Are there push notifications baked in already? 

    • Chupa Team 2015-05-18 18:52:44

      The author will reply to you shortly. Thanks 

      • Heaven Apps Author 2015-05-20 12:55:21

        Sorry for delay. Apple guidelines will not allow us to export and transfer scores. I am working on parse server implementation for backend quiz data, will update on this once its available for download. push notifications are there for multiplayer turns.

  • said_mohammed_86263 2015-05-11 19:21:29 Thread #75219

    Important! Do you know if you can add to the app the opt-in video ads.... so when you lose or having wrong answer you can see a video ad and continue from your place and you dont need to begin from the start. 

    If that possible so you can increase your revenue from opt-in video ads?

    • Heaven Apps Author 2015-05-11 19:39:55

      Yes thats really good idea. I am planning to keep source code as generic as possible. Many customers may not use ones specific feature and code will be redundant for them. But I liked the logic of using opt-in videos of yours. Thank you.

    • said_mohammed_86263 2015-05-12 12:26:07

      But you dont answer my question. Can you have opt-in video ads in this application? if that possible ?

    • Heaven Apps Author 2015-05-12 12:45:04

      Yes we can have. I will integrate this in my next update. 

      • said_mohammed_86263 2015-05-12 12:58:33

        I really think that can be perfect :)

  • Chinnaiyan Buyer 2015-05-11 13:50:27 Thread #75162


    I downloaded latest and it gave errors while trying to run :

    2015-05-11 07:44:10.802 Quiz[204:60b] <HAQuizDataManager.m:88> plist selected

    2015-05-11 07:44:11.137 Quiz[204:60b] -[UIApplication registerForRemoteNotifications]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x15552120

    2015-05-11 07:44:11.177 Quiz[204:60b] <main.m:22> Gosh!!! (

    Can u check and let me know. Thx

    • Heaven Apps Author 2015-05-11 13:52:35

      In file named AppDelegate launch method I have called method named "[self registerForRemoteNotifications]" please remove those lines.

      • Chinnaiyan Buyer 2015-05-12 12:15:28

        ok. thanks

  • said_mohammed_86263 2015-05-09 09:40:56 Thread #74901

    Last question before I buy this wonderful app, do you have levels in the app, I think it is so cool with levels... I mean like this one https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.truefalse.TrueOrFalse 

    • Heaven Apps Author 2015-05-09 16:35:41

      Levels unlocking logic is not there but IAP is there for buying categories. 

  • bigchef Buyer 2015-05-06 12:55:05 Thread #74451

    Hi.. How can i add my old questions to this new version9 of app?

    • Heaven Apps Author 2015-05-06 17:51:37

      Just you have copy your "Quiz Data" folder to the new app version at same place and reconfigure Configuration.plist and you are done.

  • said_mohammed_86263 2015-05-05 11:31:43 Thread #74273

    1-Did anyone fix the app and upload it on App Store ?

    2-Can I use it in Unity 4.5 ?

    • said_mohammed_86263 2015-05-06 13:50:34

      Can you add opt-in video ads to the application ?

    • Heaven Apps Author 2015-05-06 17:49:43

      1 - Sorry I usually I do not keep track of apps uploaded to store from any of the clients. though I remember one of my client posted me his app link : https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/vocabulary-quiz-for-students/id849731184?mt=8 but he has not used picture, video and features of app fully. check this out and you'll come to know the look and feel on the device. 

      2 - This source code is written in Objective C

      Thank you for nice suggestion. I will try to add opt-in in my next update.

      • said_mohammed_86263 2015-05-07 08:40:58

        Thank you for your answer!

        Yes the opt-in video ads is very good and your customers can earn money from that.

        1- when I buy it for 99 dollar, should I get picture, video and features of app fully?

        2- Can I open it in xcode

    • Heaven Apps Author 2015-05-07 10:03:45


      When this source is purchased you'll get below items,

      - iOS Quiz source code

      - Admin tool to create Quiz data

      - PSD layred files 

      - Complete configuration video

      1) you have add your own questions to quiz using Admin tool.

      2) Latest XCode version is needed to run the app

    • said_mohammed_86263 2015-05-09 09:38:01

      Thanks man, you have a nice app

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