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Now Mac Admin Tool is available for "Single App License" too :)

All In One Quiz App Starter Kit allows you to create a unique objective type quiz app with different types of questions text, Picture and Video types of question in each of the categories. Find Android version at : Quiz App Starter Kit

New in Version 7.2

  • Revmob and Chartboost - Add AppIDs and App Signature in Constant.m file - ON/OFF

New in Version 7.1

  • iOS 8 support (Universal source code - iPhone, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod devices) and also supports from iOS 7
  • Added splash screens for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus

New Features in v7.0

  • Can add explanation for correct/wrong answers. If explanation is not required for a question then just do not add these keys to Question Node.
  • GameCentre integrated with multiple leaderboards support to present category wise high scores. GameCentre with ON/OFF feature
  • Main Screen UI modifications
  • Now Timer can be disabled for particular category. Just by adding a property in Category node
  • Replaced Revmob with Chartboost Ads.

New Features in v5.0

  • Audio for right and wrong answers with feature ON/OFF
  • Time based score with feature ON/OFF
  • PSDs included for both iPhone and iPad


  • Supports two types of data source formats : Property List (XML) and JSON i.e you can have option to choose any format you wish
  • In App Purchase for unlock categories and Removing Ads
  • Main Screen with “Play Quiz” and “About “ buttons
  • All configurations can be done in done file named Configuration.plist
  • Can add Unlimited Categories and Unlimited Questions for each of the category
  • iOS 7.0
  • iOS8
  • iPhone 5 layout support
  • Universal App - One binary runs on both iPhone, iPod and iPads
  • Retina and Non-Retina UI images included for both iPhone and iPad
  • ARC Package
  • Can be configured to pull shuffled set of questions from pool of questions. Ex: If you add 1000 questions to a category and set max limit for that category to 50 questions then game play will pull 50 questions out of 1000
  • Randomize Questions - ON/OFF feature
  • Randomize Options - ON/OFF feature
  • Highlight correct answer when answered wrong – ON/OFF feature
  • High Score table lists all the categories with their high scores
  • Configurable +ve and -ve points for each question
  • Configurable timeout duration for each question
  • Beautiful Graphical representation of timeout timer
  • Can easily change the UI images
  • Fade in / out and sliding animations for attractive transitions - Featured to configure Animation type
  • Score sharing on social networks Twitter & Facebook Any time Quick Support for your integrations. Any specific requirement will be served as freelancer.


Configuration.plist photo ScreenShot2013-07-02at84752PM_zps1b9ddbb4.png

Quiz Data - Property List (XML) And JSON Configuration

Watch full demo of Quiz App Starter Kit and Mac Admin Tool,

Demo Video

Configuration Video

If the data provided is Property List (XML) then configure as following in AppDelegate.m

[HAQuizDataManager sharedManager].<em>useSourceDataFormat = eHAQuizDataFormatPlistType;

After setting required format as eHAQuizDataFormatPlistType we need to provide the actual quiz data files in plist format, Basically there are two plist files need to be provided, One is for displaying the Quiz Categories and other one is for actual Quiz questions along with picture or video or only text . Categories Plist is must be named QuizCategories and for quiz data files must be named considering the categoryid i.e Quiz</em>Category<em>category</em>id.

Category List file : Quiz<em>Categories


Quiz Data file for category</em>id = 1 : Quiz<em>Category</em>1


If the data provided in JSON, then configure as following in AppDelegate.m file, Naming of files same as explained above

[HAQuizDataManager sharedManager].<em>useSourceDataFormat = eHAQuizDataFormatJsonType;

JSON Quiz Categories file : Quiz</em>Categories content format


Quiz Data file for category<em>id = 1 : Quiz</em>Category_1


Folder Structure For Quiz Data and Quiz Pictures/Videos in Project


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  • mj445 2015-01-27 17:32:07 Thread #58960

    I apologize if this has been asked already, but is there a way to use videos hosted on your own server for this app?

    • Heaven Apps Author 2015-01-27 17:34:26

      Video are local to the app. Currently video links are not supported.

  • anthony.langham Buyer 2015-01-25 16:51:04 Thread #58660

    Hi Satish, 

    I have been able to set up IAP - thanks for advice re Ray's blog

    Unfortunately there is no 'restore' button on the category selection view

    AdSupportNeeded = NO

    SupportInAppPurchase = YES

    Please could you help?

    • Heaven Apps Author 2015-01-27 08:24:59


      Please replace below method in class  "HAQuizCategoriesViewController.m" 

      - (void)updateUIControls


      restoreButton.hidden = ![[[HAQuizDataManagersharedManager].configurationDictobjectForKey:SupportInAppPurchase] boolValue];


      • anthony.langham Buyer 2015-01-27 14:03:34

        Thats Great

        Thanks Satish - it required space before objectForKey - just cross referenced with other .m file

        restoreButton.hidden = ![[[HAQuizDataManagersharedManager].configurationDict objectForKey:SupportInAppPurchase] boolValue];

  • anthony.langham Buyer 2015-01-25 11:14:38 Thread #58615

    Hi Satish

    Thanks for responding Re IAP

    I am trying to re-order the quiz data (insert a question before question 1)

    is there a way to do this is the admin tool?

    if not how would you recommend doing it?

    Thanks again

    • Heaven Apps Author 2015-01-25 12:41:05

      Welcome. If you are using Plist format you can drag particular question on top of the question.

      If Json is used just copy paste required question top in the questions array.



  • anthony.langham Buyer 2015-01-22 13:15:05 Thread #58142

    Hi Satish

    I would like to set up in app purchases, please could you provide information about how to do this, couldn't see this in documentation or on previous comments.

    Many thanks

    • Heaven Apps Author 2015-01-22 15:19:08

      Hi Anthony,

      Please go through this link : http://www.raywenderlich.com/21081/introduction-to... Which will explain how to create non-consumable product identifiers for selling products (In this case categories). Create product identifier for category you would like sell and add this product identifier to the category node in categories file. Every field is explained in the document pls do refer.

      Thank you ,


      • anthony.langham Buyer 2015-01-25 11:12:23

        Thanks Satish 

  • sammyboyid Buyer 2015-01-21 19:39:47 Thread #57996

    Is this app 64 bit supported?

  • mboyce84 Buyer 2014-12-27 02:23:47 Thread #54392

    Hello, is there a word limit on how long an answer can be? As in, if the answer is in sentence form, will it still fit in the box correctly? (box resizes?)

    • Heaven Apps Author 2014-12-27 09:13:31

      Maximum of 2 lines of text can be accommodated in the answer area, characters count depends on the letters used for example character "W" takes more space than "I".

    • mboyce84 Buyer 2014-12-27 12:02:46

      Thank you for fast answer. Also wanted to know if possible to easily add sound into app, for music while user playing and way to turn/of if they decide? Is this a customization option you offer for a quote?

      • Heaven Apps Author 2014-12-27 12:13:27

        Currently on tapping answers sounds will be played depending upon correct/wrong answer. For adding background sound customisation needs to be done, you can raise customisation request on product page.

  • sammyboyid Buyer 2014-11-26 09:26:58 Thread #50886

    Hi Heaven Apps,

    Can I have multiple category groups quiz like the the example below.


    • Sports
      • Soccer quiz
      • Hockey quiz
      • Basketball quiz
    • Animals
      • Dogs quiz
      • Cats quiz
      • Bird quiz

    Can we have root nodes like Sports, Animal, etc as shown above and each category can have its own subcategory files?

    • Heaven Apps Author 2014-11-26 12:04:08

      Current source code supports one level categories as explain on product page.

  • tbrass84 Buyer 2014-11-17 16:36:06 Thread #49722

    @Heaven Apps The Game Center should display a view controller to allow the user to login from within the app, if they are not already logged in.

  • tbrass84 Buyer 2014-11-17 00:03:22 Thread #49632

    I know that I need to setup GameCenter within iTunesConnect, giving it Leaderboard_IDs and all, but I am not seeing where I need to set those IDs within the app.  Is there some steps to doing this so that GameCenter will work when reviewed? @Heaven Apps

    • Heaven Apps Author 2014-11-17 05:08:14

      We need to add a property named leaderboard_id for every category node with leaderboard id as value. Also please make sure GameCentreSupport is set to yes in Configuration.plst file.

    • tbrass84 Buyer 2014-11-17 16:34:53

      @Heaven Apps.  Ok, but for right now, where can I add in the leaderboard_id so that it will properly show up in the app?

      • Heaven Apps Author 2014-11-19 07:49:01

        "leaderboard_id" needs to be added in Quiz_Categories.json/plist file for category node you would like to sell.

  • is there any problems with the game center leaderboard on iOS 8.1?  It seems to freeze on me when i load it. (I don't have the latest update.  Have the one before.  There were quite a bit of modification made around it and don't want to update unless i have to)

    • kitchensinker Buyer 2014-11-09 11:46:11

      Have you fixed the loading problem in the admin tool?  I am also trying to load old plist files in the admin tool and still can't seem to load it.  

    • Chupa Team 2014-11-10 11:17:46

      Hi Heaven Apps, can you please look into it? Thanks a lot. 

    • kitchensinker Buyer 2014-11-26 15:06:15

      Any updates on this?  And is there a limit to the video length?  My trivia seems to be crashing a lot when I use video questions.  It's fine if you get all the answers right, but once you get a wrong answer, you can't play the video file anymore.

      • Heaven Apps Author 2014-11-26 15:23:49


        are videos optimised for mobile device? Using large videos may cause this problem. use HandBrake mac software to reduce the video size and choose output format as mp4. May I know which format are you using right now? are you sure this crash is due to video or send me crash log if possible…!!!

        Thank you,


    • kitchensinker Buyer 2014-11-26 15:46:57

      the video clips are about 5 seconds long and no more than 1mb each.

      • Heaven Apps Author 2014-11-26 17:12:59

        In that case no problem. you can send your source code download link to support@chupamobile.com. I will check if any issue and send back the code.

    • kitchensinker Buyer 2014-11-26 15:47:31

      they are in mp4 format

      • Heaven Apps Author 2014-11-26 16:15:21

        Ok fine. I can not say about crash unless I see crash log, need to check if new changes affecting code. Can you please send me crash log from XCode?? 

    • kitchensinker Buyer 2014-11-26 16:31:21

      Sorry, I phrased it incorrectly.  It doesn't crash in Xcode.  It is just a bug that activates when I use a lot of video questions.  When you answer all the videos correctly, everthign works fine in simulator.  But when you answer a few questions incorrectly, you no longer have the ability to play videos.

    • kitchensinker Buyer 2014-11-27 10:43:31

      any updates on this?

    • kitchensinker Buyer 2014-11-27 10:43:47

      are you able to replicate the bug?

    • kitchensinker Buyer 2014-11-27 11:36:37

      in your sample questions, you limited the # of media questions to 4.  There usually isn't any problem on the first 4 questions, but if you raise the question max, you will encounter the bug.  Try to have 8 video questions and try to answer them incorrectly.  You will replicate the bug

      • Heaven Apps Author 2014-11-27 12:49:07


        I am looking into the sequence explained. Will update in some time.

    • Heaven Apps Author 2014-11-27 14:13:57


      Tested app the app with 8 video type questions on iPhone 5S, it looks fine.

      I think there might be some issue with your code changes. If you can send me your whole source code through dropbox, I can look into it. You can email link to support@chupamobile.com. Also please send below details,

      1) XCode version you are using

      2) iPhone device or Simulator?

      3) Which device model/ simulator used

      4) Quiz App Source code version. Latest is v7.2

      Thank you,