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Now Mac Admin Tool is available for "Single App License" too :)

All In One Quiz App Starter Kit allows you to create a unique objective type quiz app with different types of questions text, Picture and Video types of question in each of the categories. Find Android version at : Quiz App Starter Kit

New in Version 7.2

  • Revmob and Chartboost - Add AppIDs and App Signature in Constant.m file - ON/OFF

New in Version 7.1

  • iOS 8 support (Universal source code - iPhone, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod devices) and also supports from iOS 7
  • Added splash screens for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus

New Features in v7.0

  • Can add explanation for correct/wrong answers. If explanation is not required for a question then just do not add these keys to Question Node.
  • GameCentre integrated with multiple leaderboards support to present category wise high scores. GameCentre with ON/OFF feature
  • Main Screen UI modifications
  • Now Timer can be disabled for particular category. Just by adding a property in Category node
  • Replaced Revmob with Chartboost Ads.

New Features in v5.0

  • Audio for right and wrong answers with feature ON/OFF
  • Time based score with feature ON/OFF
  • PSDs included for both iPhone and iPad


  • Supports two types of data source formats : Property List (XML) and JSON i.e you can have option to choose any format you wish
  • In App Purchase for unlock categories and Removing Ads
  • Main Screen with “Play Quiz” and “About “ buttons
  • All configurations can be done in done file named Configuration.plist
  • Can add Unlimited Categories and Unlimited Questions for each of the category
  • iOS 7.0
  • iOS8
  • iPhone 5 layout support
  • Universal App - One binary runs on both iPhone, iPod and iPads
  • Retina and Non-Retina UI images included for both iPhone and iPad
  • ARC Package
  • Can be configured to pull shuffled set of questions from pool of questions. Ex: If you add 1000 questions to a category and set max limit for that category to 50 questions then game play will pull 50 questions out of 1000
  • Randomize Questions - ON/OFF feature
  • Randomize Options - ON/OFF feature
  • Highlight correct answer when answered wrong – ON/OFF feature
  • High Score table lists all the categories with their high scores
  • Configurable +ve and -ve points for each question
  • Configurable timeout duration for each question
  • Beautiful Graphical representation of timeout timer
  • Can easily change the UI images
  • Fade in / out and sliding animations for attractive transitions - Featured to configure Animation type
  • Score sharing on social networks Twitter & Facebook Any time Quick Support for your integrations. Any specific requirement will be served as freelancer.


Configuration.plist photo ScreenShot2013-07-02at84752PM_zps1b9ddbb4.png

Quiz Data - Property List (XML) And JSON Configuration

Watch full demo of Quiz App Starter Kit and Mac Admin Tool,

Demo Video

Configuration Video

If the data provided is Property List (XML) then configure as following in AppDelegate.m

[HAQuizDataManager sharedManager].<em>useSourceDataFormat = eHAQuizDataFormatPlistType;

After setting required format as eHAQuizDataFormatPlistType we need to provide the actual quiz data files in plist format, Basically there are two plist files need to be provided, One is for displaying the Quiz Categories and other one is for actual Quiz questions along with picture or video or only text . Categories Plist is must be named QuizCategories and for quiz data files must be named considering the categoryid i.e Quiz</em>Category<em>category</em>id.

Category List file : Quiz<em>Categories


Quiz Data file for category</em>id = 1 : Quiz<em>Category</em>1


If the data provided in JSON, then configure as following in AppDelegate.m file, Naming of files same as explained above

[HAQuizDataManager sharedManager].<em>useSourceDataFormat = eHAQuizDataFormatJsonType;

JSON Quiz Categories file : Quiz</em>Categories content format


Quiz Data file for category<em>id = 1 : Quiz</em>Category_1


Folder Structure For Quiz Data and Quiz Pictures/Videos in Project


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