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M.I.A. Escape is an endless running xcode game for iOS and this code comes with Monetization codes and Multiplayer codes built-in. It also have youtube button, social network buttons and you can add in-app purchases if you wanted to. Your developer just has to search to find, active those features and replace with your IDs and profile information.

  • Highly Addictive Gameplay
  • Easy to Reskin/Reimage
  • Instructions and E-mail Help included
  • Multiplayer SDK included
  • Monetization SDK coded in
  • Social Sharing Buttons coded in
  • Iphone5 Compatible

Source Code Instructions

Here is an assets list of the items you will need to replace. These images can be found in their respective folders within the RESOURCES folder in project files.

SDK ID Replacement

If you wish to add Monetization to the game, you will need to active and replace the ID’s for the following:

  • Revmob

  • Chartboost

Follow these instructions to find and replace.

Click on the Project folder on the left side of your xcode. Then, click on the search icon and type in the words Revmob. This will pull up all of the placed in the xcode that have revmob scripts. Be sure to find and replace the AppId and Replacement Ids within that code. Once, completed with Revmob, search for Chartboost and change the AppIds for chartboost as well. For more information on changing and/or adding SDKs.

NextPeer (Multiplayer SDK)

To replace the IDs for NextPeer, search for the term NextPeer and find the places on the scripts where you need to change the IDs. You will need to create new IDs for your game at within their Developer’s dashboard. Just create an account for Free and then ADD a new game to your list, the IDs are generated for you.

If you need further assistance with this process, please feel free to email us for more assistance.

Preparing Game for Submission

Once you have changed the images and the SDK IDs, you will need to change the following to your own profile information.

  • Go to Building Settings (for both the project and target files) and Change the Entitlements to your Provisional and Distribution that you created in for the game. If you need help with this, please email us and we will give you more instruction.

  • Once you have changed the Entitlements, make sure you change the simulator setting to iOS Device (not iPad or iphone)

  • Then, click on PRODUCT (in the top toolbar of xcode) and Archive to open Organizer. This is where you will be able to submit your game to Apple.

  • In Organizer, click Distribute to begin the submission process. If you have any problems, submitting, send us your concerns, and we will help you.

ASSETS LIST: Background images (3) • back-Ipad • frontiPad • backnight

Icons (3) • icon-72 • icon • icon@2x

Default.png (one file) - This is your company splash screen.

New Buttons (16) - Most of the buttons for the game are located in this folder.

objects folder - These images are related to the character in the game. Most can be created as a tween animation to get a series of shots. These are the subfolders included: • Blood (27) • Character         2 - bottom, jump         7 - running images • die (4) • hit (6) • Run Blood (18) • Sun01 • Sun02 • title (34) - this folder contains most of the interface for the game

smoke folder (38) - Most of the smoke images are a series that can easily be duplicated or tween into animation.

sound folder (5) - there are 5 sounds needed including menu music.

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