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Author: Yoni
Jump! Chump! + Online Course | App Code for Sale | Hero
Jump! Chump! + Online Course | App Code for Sale | Hero



“Jump Chump” is a very addictive game, simple to pick-up. It made it to the top iPhone Game chart.

Luckily, the reskinning process is also super simple and quick!

Important: Make sure to watch the video demonstrating the gameplay and reskinning course.

Game mechanics:

The player taps the screen to avoid the enemies and keep them alive for as long as possible!

Jump Chump is the one of the new hottest games in the app store. So don’t be late to the party, and come game this amazing source code that’s built in pure native iOS (works straight out off the box!), ready to publish for all iPhones screen sizes, and all iPads screens as well (Universal). Life is good!

Oh wait, you don’t want to hire a programmer or a graphic artist? This is your lucky day! You can do it yourself: We got you covered. When you buy this source code license, you get the fully online video course on Udemy from super star app reskinning expert Yohann Taieb, for FREE. You can’t fail, every single steps are shown to you, and Yohann is always here to help.

Now the Jump Chump game has its popularity to the roof, you don’t want to be late to earn some $$$. 

So don’t wait for another opportunity and come ride the wave with us.


You can play with the one reskinned game live on the store here:

A Red Ninja And Flappy Jump

Source Code

It’s made with pure native iOS SDK. It’s setup right out of the box to publish for all iPhones screen sizes, and all iPads screens as well (Universal).

▪  Advertising Networks: Chartboost interstitials, Upsight (Playhaven) interstitials, more games button with Playhaven

▪  GameCenter integration with top score leaderboard

▪  Universal iOS screen sizes.

▪  iOS support on iOS 6.1+. 

▪  Full step by step instructions as a text file, and as a 5-star online video course.

The Reskinning process

Made for easy reskinning. All images are in png format.

The image files are .png files. Just updating the 2 main characters and 4 enemies image files, and you’re already on the way to a new game theme.

The online courses shows you how to play with the game graphics to make dozens of different games in no time.

This is by far the easiest reskinning process you will ever work on. 


The online course: (FREE with any license purchase)

You get the 5-star rated Udemy course from Yohann Taieb, superstar app reskinning expert. All his online courses are 5-star rated, featured on Forbes, WIRED magazine, first-page of Reddit and much more.

Check this out:



The courses are made for the beginner to the expert, meaning, someone that never even touched a MAC computer can publish his/her own game in the app stores, just by following the online course.

Now you can do it the old fashion way and take the chance of failing, or you can get this bundle and simply succeed. Your life, your choice.


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  • CaptainChaos Buyer 2014-04-21 11:00:46 Thread #20986


    The  bug you are talking about with the game not showing the score etc. is related to the post i made, with it only working when you use Arial. Still waiting for a reply from the seller regarding this ...

    • Yoni Author 2014-05-29 13:25:52

      there is an entry for FONT_NAME. It works with all iPhone fonts. I know i've changed them myself...

  • harjap.singh.1428 2014-04-21 03:15:40 Thread #20961

    try to download your app from app store , then you know what I'm talking about

  • harjap.singh.1428 2014-04-21 03:13:58 Thread #20960

    hallo i was going to buy your soured code but when i try the game on my iPhone 

    i see that its fill with bug.

    you can only use play button when use off the other button it go out from the app.

    and when play the game , the display off how many jump or meter is not there , and game over or , display the latest score is not in there.

    if you fix the code than call me, i really like the game but whats the point when you can't see the latest score you make is not displayed .  

  • CaptainChaos Buyer 2014-04-19 18:43:32 Thread #20892

    Another question, where do I change the text "Jump! Chump!" that is displayed at the top in the settings menu? Kind seem to find it anywhere.... Thanks!

    • CaptainChaos Buyer 2014-04-22 11:04:01

      I figured it out, just needed to change the .xib files :)   

  • CaptainChaos Buyer 2014-04-19 17:57:31 Thread #20882

    Awesome code, and so easy to reskin :)  

    I've got a problem with the 04b_19.TTF font though, it works in the ios simulator, but when I build to device the font won't show up... so the score, logo etc. doesn't show at all. 

    It works if I change the 

    #define FontName            @"Arial"  

    in global.h and and change the font in info.plist  to Arial.

    Any idea how I can use any other font except Arial?  Thanks, looking forward to your reply!

    • Yoni Author 2014-05-29 13:27:32

      use any iPhone standard font names. Google it if you don't know the font names.

  • appninjaz 2014-04-19 00:00:05 Thread #20825

    Ohhh looks like great code and simple to reskin, i only want to ask if you give support if needed ?, but for sure buy it for such price

  • TimmyD Buyer 2014-04-17 00:47:17 Thread #20629

    great source, noticed a bug on when clicking on the settings icons - keeps closing the app for me even after a reinstall and restart of my device.

  • phillip.kung 2014-04-16 20:45:53 Thread #20615

    Is there a quick way to make this game harder? It seems like enemies never really come at the same time which is what makes jump chump difficult after a while. 

    Also, there is a bug in the game where after about 15 seconds or so the bottom enemies stop coming for good. Any plans to fix this?

    • Yoni Author 2014-05-29 13:28:09

      no quick way. Need a programmer to work on Gameplaylaer.mm file.

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