Flappy Crocodile Source Code iOS - Easiest Reskin

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Flappy Crocodile Source Code iOS - Easiest Reskin | App Code for Sale | Hero



Get in while it's HOT! The best version out there. Forget all the crappy codes. iOS version is pending review but you can checkout the android version here

The Code:

  • done in cocos2d-x
  • has RevMob and Chartboost
  • has iAd, Admob
  • Facebook, Twitter
  • Leaderboard via GameCenter
  • iPhone 5 wide screen support
  • universal app on iOS 5+. Runs on iPhones, iPads and iPods.

The Reskin Difficulty

This is the easiest reskin you will ever make. If you thought surf slots were easy, wait till you see this. One background, 12 pictures for character animations, menu screen and a couple of buttons. That’s it. You will find a Promo Code to take the course for free in the Documentation file bundled with the Project.

The Updates:

This is a basic version with Flappy Bird like functionality. We are currently working on a more advanced version and we are looking to add some fun things like more characters, in game currency and possibly multiplayer. If you purchase this code you will get the update for FREE!. As I said speed is a huge factor here so let’s get some lite versions into the store first while we work on a more advanced code.

The Support:

We provide full support so when you have questions, we’re here to answer. Hope you are as excited as me about this one. So let’s get flapping

Last Update -- Feb. 10th, 2014

  • All bugs and warnings have been addressed and fixed.
  • A Full step by step guide about how to use and reskin the code is now available.
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