Eye Doctor Kids Addictive Game iOS

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Eye Doctor Kids Addictive Game | App Code for Sale | Hero
Eye Doctor Kids Addictive Game | App Code for Sale | Hero



Hello All ,

We are selling complete source code of Eye Doctor IOS Addictive Game . This game is completely addictive and was in top charts for weeks on iTunes . 

Features :

  • Universal IOS App .
  • Supports IOS7 & iPhone 5 .
  • Supports Retina & HD Graphics.
  • Easy to reskin as code is well written and intented.
  • Coded with Cocos 2D. 
  • High end animations and between views and Popups .
  • Pleasing musics and affects.
  • Integrated with Chartboost , Revmob , Applovin , Admob .
  • Best price assured :)

For monetization, we have integrated three major ad networks; Chartboost, Revmob, and Applovin. Ads are displayed on boot up , Ran, main menu and the game over screen. There is also an Applovin banner displayed during gameplay, a chartboost more games screen . Boom!

you can watch youtube video of the app from

Game Play Video

App can be downloaded from here 

Licensing Agreement

  By buying this source code you agree to all the terms and conditions below.

  • All Artwork, Music and Sounds must be changed.

  • You may only use the source code under your personal or business developer account.

  • If you purchase a single license, you can only create one derivative (reskin) of this game. Additional reskins require additional licenses.

  • If at some point you decide to sell your app, portfolio or business then you must specify to the buyer that you do NOT own the source code.

  • When you purchase an "Unlimited License" you can create as many reskins with that source code under your own developer account as you wish. However, you may not transfer or share that license with another party unless you have written approval from us.

  • With any license purchase you do NOT own the source code. We are licensing it to you for reskin purposes only. We remain the owner of the source code and you may NOT resell or license the code to others.


Support : We will try our best to help you as much as we can . Always responsive via Email and skype ( both are provided in detail document which is zipped with product )

Buy with confidence :)

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  • boyberm 2015-01-14 21:46:50 Thread #56921

    can u update to ios8 ?

    • TheCodeFactory Author 2015-01-15 09:44:21

      this works for ios 8 . You can go ahead and buy this and let me know if you face any problem and we will be here to help you.

  • philipp2507 2014-08-13 12:57:07 Thread #35794

    Looks nice, but seriously, this has a lot of images to reskin, including animations! How many? Do you have a guide/documentation?

    • TheCodeFactory Author 2014-08-13 13:06:53

      Please download the resource from the below link .

  • lauro.developer 2014-05-24 04:42:18 Thread #24987

    If u drop it to usd 99 then i buy it... this app is dead at app store ... no downloads a long time

  • lauro.developer 2014-05-12 00:12:25 Thread #23487

    How many graphics to reskin ?

    Pretending to buy it in June

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