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A few stats using this app. (paid app) 101543930662056378524980705858005072_n.jpg

Free Version. Note: Chartboost does 3x more than vungle since it is given the top priority. The following is a screenshot of vungle on the first few days of launch using this app.

Blek is finally here. The top game on the app store for over a month, there are no such apps out there. Its your time to make some money. A blek app template is all you need to get you started. It has all the levels and all mechanics working smooth as the real game. It is very easy to reskin, Simply by replacing the assets and you are done. It is made in cocos2d-x and can easily be converted to android. This is a well designed game and is compatible for multi resolution (This means it will work on any device). Want more levels, you can easily add more! Try it now for free! Its Live on the App Store! 

This is just an another example of a fast reskin done from this code. Took around 10 mins to get this done.

Easy way to add a level


spawnEnemy(position, size);  // places the the enemy on desired location

spawnCollectible(position,colour,size); // places the collectible on screen

even the complicated shooting collectibles can be spawned just as easily in the required level.

spawnCollectibleFire(position,colour,size, number of bullets, rotation speed);

Do you also want to reskin it or even add an animation to it… Like popping balloons rather than simple circles. Just simply replace 


Best ad networks has been integrated with the help of monetization experts! Which keep your ecpm and fill rate high as possible! 




Appirator is also integrated to help you get better ratings!!!

Game Center


more to come!

Still not convinced?

I will personally provide my assistance for 2 weeks prior to the sale! 

Which includes help with:

integrating more third party networks or game center

making more levels

helping reskin

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  • lauro.developer Buyer 2014-12-22 01:34:45 Thread #53917

    Hi, The ads are not running fine on ipad (we cant see the (x) to close the ad) and apple is rejecting it for this motive.  Can you please fix it ?

  • venturz Buyer 2014-12-17 04:01:26 Thread #53397

    hi, could you please tell me to how to add a 'more games' button to the bottom right of main menu screen?

  • bepartgames Buyer 2014-11-06 22:12:12 Thread #48543

    do you provide tutorial for converting to android??

    • Mirza12345 Author 2014-11-07 07:25:01

      I havent provided the tutorial... but all you need to do is create a cocos2dx project on eclipse ... then put classes(ios) folder into classes android folder and same with resources. Then remove the thirdparty calls e.g game center and chartboost and you are done.

      Btw blek for android is also available.

    • Mirza12345 Author 2014-11-11 13:08:02

      hey... what do you mean receipt for the purchase?

      • bepartgames Buyer 2014-11-11 13:13:06

        a receipt some formal pdf with site logo which include the amount and my details at the top( BePart Ltd.)

    • Chupa Team 2014-11-11 16:44:54

      Hi, you can contact support(@)chupamobile(.)com, they will send you an invoice. Thanks a lot. 

  • lauro.developer Buyer 2014-10-27 23:46:08 Thread #47126

    How many levls does it have now ?

  • lauro.developer Buyer 2014-10-10 04:27:40 Thread #44460

    Please tell us when update is ready to download !

  • lauro.developer Buyer 2014-10-05 03:57:55 Thread #43349


    When you will update the Ad Networks to iOS 8 ????

    • Chupa Team 2014-10-06 16:50:35

      Hi @Mirza12345 any updates coming soon? Thanks 

  • apps4me Buyer 2014-09-08 00:15:02 Thread #39208

    How can I make all enemy balls black and make target balls an image of something without changing its color.

    For example enemy ball is black and target ball is a red balloon. 

    • Chupa Team 2014-09-08 12:41:29

      Hi @Mirza12345 Can you help us? Thanks 

    • Mirza12345 Author 2014-09-12 09:40:34


      Sorry for the delayed response.

      Go to enemy.cpp 

      add line before return true


      Go to helloworldscene.cpp

      go to function called SpawnCollectibles

      remove the line


      then go to collectible.cpp

      collectibleSprite = CCSprite::create("playerround.png"); // change playerround.png with the name of the new png you added

  • big update on the way guys!!!

    -Line is much smoother, better curves, more interactive (like original)

    -10 more levels

  • sneak peek!

  • lauro.developer Buyer 2014-07-15 05:21:58 Thread #31702


    Apple have aproved my app based on your blek code.

    Thanks for the support.  I'm very satisfied.

    Will you release any new version ?