4 Pics 1 Statement or Question

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4 Pics 1 Statement or Question | App Code for Sale | Hero



Create your own 4 Pics 1 Statement app, where you can give 4 pics as options and a statement.

User has to identify a pic which is related to or more meaningful to the statement given.


  • iOS 7 compatible with 4 and 3.5 inch iPhone/iPod support

  • Apple Game Center integrated

  • 50/50 option, which will blur two pics. To take 50/50 option user has to spend some coins

  • Shuffle options – ON/OFF

  • Shuffle questions – ON-OFF

  • Coins and Points two different entities. Coins are used for 50/50 option only and points designate users’ ranking

  • InApp purchase for purchasing Coins

  • InApp purchase for purchasing Categories – ON/OFF

  • Chartboost Ads integrated – ON/OFF

  • Categories and Questions can be inputted in JSON or PLIST (XML) format

  • Sound for correct/wrong answer - ON/OFF

  • All app’s features configurations at one place in plist file – Configuration.plist

  • Score sharing on Facebook and Twitter

  • Category wise High score table

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