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WeLike - photo sharing social network | App Code for Sale | Hero
WeLike - photo sharing social network | App Code for Sale | Hero



WeLike is complete solution for photo sharing social network.

This is only solution that includes both iOS and Android version, together with scripts to create database and backend API files. When you buy iOS project version you'll get Android project for free.

iOS8 Ready!

Solution includes

  • MySQL scripts (easily create database)
  • custom PHP API (server-side API files)
  • iOS project (project for iOS devices)
  • Android project (project for Android devices)
  • detailed documentation (explanation of all projects, scripts, how-tos, FAQs...)

Application preview

Application features

  • individual or company users

  • register option for new or login option for existing user

  • geolocation data for company users

  • tab-based application navigation

  • timeline view / posts of followed users

  • each posts consist of user avatar, full name, time ago, photo, number of likes, options to like / comment post and description

  • popular posts feed (popular rule is easily editable on API side)

  • recent posts feed

  • single post view with post details and all comments

  • overview of user likes for each post

  • comments view for each post with option to send new comments

  • other users profile view accessible on all views where user avatar is displayed

  • nearby map view with display of company users location (e.g. shops, etc.) and option to view company profile

  • logged in user view user details and options to search users and logout

  • edit profile data view, company users have additional options to edit geolocation data

  • search users with options to follow / unfollow

  • following and followers users view

  • Twitter-like follow system

  • photo editor (effects, tools, adjustments, stickers, etc.)

  • iOS7 style user interface, easily customizable

  • now optimized to the latest iOS 8 version!

  • retina support (includes @2x images)

  • and more...

Video Demo

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N.B for the Live Preview: Features such as Ratings, Game Center, Sharings and Multiplayer are not fully functional.

The Live preview could be a slowed down version of the real game.


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  • dharam85 2015-06-25 11:29:30 Thread #82012

    hello sir

    my friend have bought this script and made full setup and when running full URL it shows It Works but when using in App it showing no response.

    So please guide how to over come from this.

    When i read the document i found this line : "Database should be created on your server with script provided in project".

    So where is this script so from where i can set up for Database.

    You can check it here


    • dharam85 2015-06-25 11:30:58

      when using in app it showing response is null ..its a data base issue or something else pls let me know in quick time

    • dharam85 2015-06-25 12:56:29

      it was working on one server but when we moved this to other server we are facing such issue

    • Chupa Team 2015-06-25 13:28:26

      Please leave a comment with your buyer account to get support. Thanks for your collaboration.

  • TimmyD Buyer 2015-06-13 19:33:22 Thread #80084

    Seems to be ALOT of errors with the PHP side if things, after a good day or so my coder is finding lots of errors. 

    Has there been fixes?

    • Chupa Team 2015-06-16 10:33:52

      @Planet1107 we are looking for your prompt support.Thanks.

    • Planet1107 Author 2015-06-18 01:28:29

      Hi deanomartinuk,

      there are no errors in PHP code (this project was updated several times and there are over 20 installations of it), please check that you made setup correctly.

  • sendtoeddy 2015-06-13 00:27:17 Thread #80014

    Does this app handle hashtags?

    • Chupa Team 2015-06-13 12:57:42

      Hashtags are not already in the app, But this is a feature that can be implemented.Our customization team will contact you soon.

  • kenneth.ting.731 Buyer 2015-06-12 19:32:19 Thread #79993

    I have bought the source code and have successfully compiled the IOS version but I am unable to compile the Android source code. What development environment do I need to use for android to compile it?

  • peterl2015 2015-06-10 01:50:44 Thread #79456

    is video uploading supported? is uploading to other social media websites like youtube and facebook supported?

    • Chupa Team 2015-06-10 15:37:00

      At the moment only photo sharing is supported. Let's check if this feature can be added...our customization team will contact you shortly. 

  • ideveloper.mob 2015-06-06 05:46:42 Thread #79032

    Android APK Demo Please ?

    Not asking for iOS "TestFlight" demo... but Android demo, could you please provide Android app demo. As their is no restriction in Android to share APK as Beta or Alpha users.

  • mahmoodDev 2015-05-05 22:16:41 Thread #74366

    This is for Android, iPhone?

  • mahmoodDev 2015-05-04 23:36:16 Thread #74198

    Apk demo please

    • mahmoodDev 2015-05-05 12:40:20


    • Chupa Team 2015-05-05 16:08:15

      @Goran replied to a buyer in a previous comment : "If you are asking about Testflightapp I can inform you that Apple shut down this service and transferred it to iTunes, reason why we are not adding this to Apples Testflight is simple: there are limited number of UDIDs that can be added to developer account, beside our products here we do work for clients and that requires a lot of UDIDs to be used, so we can't add additional testers, we made sure that we cover everything in screenshots and video preview".

      Please let us know if need further information

  • TimmyD Buyer 2015-04-30 15:02:31 Thread #73668

    HI , looking in to this app- very interesting - is the updated for 64bit ?

    • Chupa Team 2015-05-04 11:16:46

      The app template is updated to 64bit. Thanks

  • uncle.ed Buyer 2015-04-24 10:24:39 Thread #72688

    I purchased this app, but there are many bugs that need your reply! My friend is helping me to link this app to my server but failed! We asked you since last last week and you said you will reply us in few days. "14days money back guarantee" is passed while we are waiting!!!! Please reply us what can we do! we can't get refund while we can't link to server!That means this source code is useless for us!!!!

    • uncle.ed Buyer 2015-05-02 05:31:56

      Anybody can answer my question?

      1)After connect to my server, cannot save the first photo to folder! How can we solve it?
      2) It crash on iPhone 6 even I did nothing

    • uncle.ed Buyer 2015-05-02 05:50:22

      I created one new user, then the system will create one new folder, like this


      The folder is 777 permission.

      Then I tried to upload image for the profile image. The database has image name. But it cannot show in my app. Then I check the upload image folder. There has not any image which is uploaded. Okay, I tried to delete this "7" folder and re-create same name "7" folder. I tried to upload profile image. This time is worked. But I don't know why need to delete and re-create it. Then it works.

      Can you explain this problem to me?


    • Chupa Team 2015-05-04 11:18:09

      Hi @Goran could you kindly help @uncle.ed? Thanks for your cooperation

    • uncle.ed Buyer 2015-05-12 04:48:18

      I'm still waiting for your advise!

    • Planet1107 Author 2015-06-18 01:32:43

      Hi uncle.ed,

      please check your server setup, try different server for test, there shouldn't be problem with this.

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