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WeLike - photo sharing social network | App Code for Sale | Hero
WeLike - photo sharing social network | App Code for Sale | Hero



ver 2.0 - new UI and more...

WeLike is complete solution for photo sharing social network.

This is only solution that includes both iOS and Android version, together with scripts to create database and backend API files. When you buy iOS project version you'll get Android project for free.

iOS8 Ready!

Solution includes

  • MySQL scripts (easily create database)
  • custom PHP API (server-side API files)
  • iOS project (project for iOS devices)
  • Android project (project for Android devices)
  • detailed documentation (explanation of all projects, scripts, how-tos, FAQs...)

Application preview

Application features

  • individual or company users
  • register option for new or login option for existing user
  • geolocation data for company users
  • tab-based application navigation
  • timeline view / posts of followed users
  • each posts consist of user avatar, full name, time ago, photo, number of likes, options to like / comment post and description
  • popular posts feed (popular rule is easily editable on API side)
  • recent posts feed
  • single post view with post details and all comments
  • overview of user likes for each post
  • comments view for each post with option to send new comments
  • other users profile view accessible on all views where user avatar is displayed
  • nearby map view with display of company users location (e.g. shops, etc.) and option to view company profile
  • logged in user view user details and options to search users and logout
  • edit profile data view, company users have additional options to edit geolocation data
  • search users with options to follow / unfollow
  • following and followers users view
  • Twitter-like follow system
  • photo editor (effects, tools, adjustments, stickers, etc.)
  • clean style user interface, easily customizable
  • now optimized to the latest iOS 8 version!
  • retina support
  • and more...

Android preview

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N.B for the Live Preview: Features such as Ratings, Game Center, Sharings and Multiplayer are not fully functional.

The Live preview could be a slowed down version of the real game.


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  • appsonite Buyer 2015-11-10 20:55:17 Thread #100101

    Hi - I agree with meishboy. This code is horrible. Android code is very bad. I really want to get my money back, can't use this code.

  • meishboy Buyer 2015-11-05 18:55:21 Thread #99485

    you can't do nothing with this stupid app! no customer support or chupamobile support! purchased this app over 1 month and cant get any help or my darn money back!!! hate this rip off site!!!!

  • appsonite Buyer 2015-11-04 11:28:09 Thread #99273

    Also not able to add new post from Android.

  • idroidexpert 2015-10-26 06:48:05 Thread #98132

    We are interested to purchase but will you please provide us an DEMO APK

  • appsonite Buyer 2015-10-21 13:48:57 Thread #97614

    I found the following issues so far:

    1. users are not able to follow other users in the android source code.

    2. Nearby tab does not show the photos uploaded nearby, only shows position of myself.

  • kutsokutso Buyer 2015-10-05 08:31:17 Thread #95329

    Timeline - is it for users you follow only or everything that is posted?

    Session - if load balancer is used, will the user lose his session?

    • Planet1107 Author 2015-10-05 10:25:57

      Hi kutsokutso,

      on timeline your are able to see posts from users you follow. When user logs into app he'll stay logged in until he decide to log out (you can find logout option on user profile).

  • lonewolfaka9 2015-10-01 08:18:18 Thread #94836

    May i know what is kAPIKey in WLICOnnect.m file and
    WEBAPIKEY in config.php file ???

    • Planet1107 Author 2015-10-02 10:29:19

      Hi lonewolfaka9, please post question from your buyer account.

  • Dear,

    when try to register by android show this message

    09-28 02:25:57.975: W/ResourceType(16611): Failure getting entry for 0x010802c9 (t=7 e=713) in package 0 (error -75)

    09-28 02:25:58.316: W/dalvikvm(16611): VFY: unable to resolve static field 15851 (INSTANCE) in Lorg/apache/http/message/BasicHeaderValueParser;

    09-28 02:25:58.326: W/dalvikvm(16611): VFY: unable to resolve static field 15845 (INSTANCE) in Lorg/apache/http/message/BasicHeaderValueFormatter;

    09-28 02:26:15.694: W/ResourceType(16611): Failure getting entry for 0x010802c9 (t=7 e=713) in package 0 (error -75)

    • Planet1107 Author 2015-09-28 12:37:36

      Hi rodbarrientos,

      can you please provide some more info: are you testing this on device or simulator? Did you gave app permission to connect to Internet (this error looks like there is no Internet connection)?

    • rodbarrientos Buyer 2015-10-13 02:58:40

      It's android Motorola G2 but in manifest is <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" /> and in jsonObject return {"status":"BAD_REQUEST"}

  • samir_chakhari 2015-09-19 03:04:44 Thread #93170

    Can you sell me (api) only

    • Planet1107 Author 2015-09-19 08:55:21

      Hi samir_chakhari,

      we are selling this as full package only.

    • samir_chakhari 2015-09-19 16:19:32

      Well,,, but I heard that instgram are no longer distributed (api) Is this true

    • Planet1107 Author 2015-09-20 11:02:48

      Hi samir_chakhari,

      I'm not sure I understand your question.

  • oksteven 2015-09-16 22:55:54 Thread #92780

    for php backend code, do you use any php framework like CodeIgniter, PHPcake etc?

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